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‘Chicago Fire’: Here’s Where Mouch Got His Nickname

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Jeff Schear/FilmMagic)

Longtime Chicago Fire first-responder Randall “Mouch” McHolland is known in Firehouse 51 for his upbeat and good-natured personality. He has long been a viewer favorite, often affectionately referred to as Mouch by his fellow One Chicago firefighters.

But, some longtime Chicago Fire fans may not know where this unique and unusual name originated. Well, look no further…we are here to solve the mystery!

Randall “Mouch” McHolland Has a Certain Affinity For Being Stationary Whenever He Can

The source of the Chicago Fire character’s unusual nickname is simple…it lies in the first responder’s love for hanging out on the firehouse 51 couch. That’s right…part man, part couch. Put these together and you get Christian Stolte’s Chicago Fire character Randall “Mouch” McHolland.

Now, make no mistake, a longtime Chicago Fire fixture, Christian Stolte’s Mouch McHolland is far from sedentary. In fact, Mouch has probably seen more action during the show’s run than the average Chicago Fire firefighter.

However, when he has the time to shut it off and kick back into a comfortable state of inactivity, McHolland enjoys his spot on the fire station 51 couch. In fact, the Chicago Fire character has his special spot on the couch. A place where he kicks back watching television or chatting it up with his fellow first-responders.

‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Excited For Series Return

Chicago Fire returned to the airwaves last week after a midseason hiatus took the show off the air for a few weeks. In the midseason premiere, fans were treated to a plethora of exciting storylines. Including some information on one burgeoning relationship.

The Fire mid-season premiere episode titled Fire Cop features an update on the relationship we saw developing between Violet and Chief Hawkins. While Violet is understandably uncertain about the relationship, Hawkins assures her things will be fine. He messages her a note stating that there’s “good trouble and there’s bad trouble. This is good trouble.” Fans are delighted when Violet decides the “good trouble” is well worth it in the end.

Elsewhere, Miranda Rae Mayo’s Stella Kidd discusses relaunching her Girls on Fire group with Liuetenatnt Pelham. Pelham immediately approves the idea. However, there are a few issues to address. But, no worries because Katelynn Shennett’s Kylie is ready to step in and help in any way that she can!

Severide Tackles A Major Arson Case

During the Chicago Fire mid-season premiere, Taylor Kinney’s Kelly Severide begins an investigation into an arson case. During the investigation, Kelly Severide fights to help a young teenage girl, suspected of starting the devastating fires. With the help of Violet and Sylvie Brett, Severide can help track down the real arsonist. The Chicago Fire first-responder gets to the bottom of the arson case, proving the young girl innocent.

As the drama unfolds, Brett and Violet catch a glimpse of Stella’s engagement ring; which has been sitting inside the first responder’s locker. Of course, Brett and Violet are excited for their friend, and the group discusses what Stella plans on doing when it comes to putting together the wedding, now that things are official. Maybe we are one step closer to finally seeing the Stellaride wedding? Only time will tell!