‘Chicago Fire’: Here’s Where You Recognize David Selby From

by Jacklyn Krol
Daniel Boczarski, Getty Images

Chicago Fire fans will recall this one-episode character that made a lasting impression.

David Selby is an actor who was featured in the Season 8 episode “A Chicago Welcome.” Although he did not portray a victim, firefighter, or assailant, he managed to become a fan favorite guest star.

His character was named Tim Larson. He and his wife moved to Chicago to retire there. Their house ended up catching fire in the middle of the night and his wife died in the accident. The couple’s cat Dusty ended up going missing. So firefighters Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Brett (Kara Killmer) helped him look for it.

What tugs on viewers’ heartstrings is when Larson is concerned that nobody would show up at his wife’s funeral. However, he is pleasantly surprised when the entire Chicago Fire 51 Firehouse showed up to offer their condolences.

Selby is a world-renowned actor who has appeared in television and film since 1970. In 1982, he starred as Richard Channing in Falcon Crest. He was featured as Gage in The Social Network movie about Facebook. He is also known for his role as Dean Buckley in The Mighty Ducks franchise and Commissioner Gordon in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

One of his most recent guest roles was on NCIS: New Orleans in 2020 as Red in the “Relentless” episode.

David’s Time on ‘Chicago Fire’

David Selby spoke highly of his time on Chicago Fire to One Chicago Center. He revealed that he knew instantly that he wanted to get this role.

Well, first of all, I read the script, then I read it again and I liked the arc of the character,” he began. “It was very moving and emotional for me. I asked my wife to read it, because I thought, ‘Okay, this is one I really have to consider.’ She cried and said, ‘You’ve got to do this.’ And I said, ‘I know that’s what I think.’ So that was it. And it just was a very touching moment and it’s always wonderful when you come across something like that.”

This wasn’t Selby’s first time working in Chicago, he previously worked on numerous theatrical productions there.

“Like everybody else who goes to Chicago, you walk down Michigan Avenue, hit the music and you do all of that. It was pretty special. Getting to go back and work in Chicago was quite nice,” he admitted.

Fans can catch Selby in one of his theatrical performances in Los Angeles.

I still do a lot of theater. I have another play that they want to do in LA. So that’s always my net. I’m always thinking, “Okay, now what?” and sometimes you’re never quite [sure what might come next]. When this Chicago Fire episode came my way I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, how blessed am I to do this?'”