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‘Chicago Fire’: Here’s Which Star Appeared on ‘PD’ the Most

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)

Within the world of Chicago Fire, there is one star who has also appeared on Chicago PD. Which one has appeared the most on there?

The one who has that mark is David Eigenberg. Let’s find out more about this from a story by Looper.

Eigenberg has appeared as Christopher Hermann in 14 PD episodes. That barely outdoes Chicago Fire co-star Eamonn Walker, who has appeared in 13. Taylor Kinney has 11 PD appearances, while Christian Stolte has 10.

‘Chicago Fire’ Star Eigenberg Made First ‘PD’ Appearance on Its Pilot

Now, the first Eigenberg appearance on that show was in its pilot. That one also features Chicago Fire stars Monica Raymund, Lauren German, and Yuriy Sardarov. The last time he appeared on there was in a Season 7 episode titled Infection Part III.

That was a major crossover moment for One Chicago. Characters from all of those shows appear throughout the epic three-hour event. So, how long can Eigenberg hold on to that record? It remains to be seen. The One Chicago universe isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

You better believe there will be more crossover episodes in the future. Altogether, Eigenberg has 27 total crossover appearances, including three on the failed Chicago Justice. Hermann will appear on PD and Chicago Med again, especially now that his bar, Molly’s, is a hangout for One Chicago characters across all series.

Dick Wolf Has Been The Mastermind Behind These Types of Series

Well, who is the mastermind behind all of this stuff? Of course, it is Dick Wolf. He just has a knack for these crossover series. Look at what he has done with Law & Order.

He has done the same thing with these One Chicago shows, too. They have characters that go from one show to another, and quite frequently. It was something done regularly before the pandemic changed programming plans.

Yet we believe this will pick up again and again. Look, about every One Chicago veteran star has made a turn on another series outside their main show.

Some, though, have done a lot of crossovers. No one has more crossover appearances than Jon Seda, who hailed from PD but spent time on Chicago Fire. OK, so when is Jesse Spencer coming back?

Showrunner Derek Haas has said that Matt Casey might return sooner than we think. In a recent interview, he added the long-awaited “Stellaride” wedding is well, possibly, right around the corner.

Haas talked about this in an interview with Variety. He spoke about the difficulties in filming Season 10. He also highlighted the creativity that has emerged in keeping Jesse Spencer’s departed character involved in ongoing storylines. We would encourage you to stay tuned.