‘Chicago Fire’: Here’s Who Julie Is on the Show

by Jacklyn Krol
John Lamparski, Getty Images

Who is Julie on Chicago Fire?

Julie was portrayed by actress Kelly Deadmon. She is the biological mother of Sylvie Brett, played by Kara Killmer. Despite only appearing in four episodes, she is an integral part of the storyline. Her first appearance was in the Season 8 episode “Off the Grid”. The storyline featured the story of how she gave birth to Sylvie as a teenager. Because she was just sixteen, she decided to give her up for adoption.

Julie got pregnant for a second time and she revealed to her husband Scott (Jeff Diebold) about her first child. The couple reached out to Sylvie and they ended up bonding over the course of the episode. Her final episode was “I’ll Cover You” and it was a heartbreaker.

Julie ended up giving birth to her second child but died during delivery. Sylvie attended her funeral and conversed with Scott about raising a child as a single parent. She convinced him to not give her up for adoption. He named her “Amelia,” which was Julie’s maiden name. Scott ended up deciding to move away from Chicago and promised Sylvie that she could visit her half sister anytime.

Before ‘Chicago Fire’

Long before Chicago Fire, actors Taylor Kinney and David Eigenberg also worked together in a Lifetime movie.

Kinney portrays Lieutenant Kelly Severide while Eigenberg plays Christopher Herrmann in the hit first responder drama. Their first time co-starring together was in a Lifetime movie in 2011 called Five.

The film is an anthology that centers around breast cancer. It also stars Patricia Clarkson and Rosario Dawson and Patty Jenkins, who directed Wonder Woman, directed a segment of the film.

Eigenberg and Kinney worked together in the segment entitled Cheyenne. This story followed an “exotic dancer who can’t bear the thought of a vasectomy.”

The star of Cheyenne, Lindsey Fonesca, spoke about a scene with Eigenberg that left her in awe of his talent and the storyline.

“It’s just such a moving story, and Taylor is so good … There’s one scene that he has with David Eigenberg and he just breaks down crying in the car parking lot. I was watching it being filmed and I started crying too. I walked to him and was like, ‘It’s OK!’” she said per Looper.

David Eigenberg actually portrayed a similar character that he currently stars in on Chicago Fire. He played the role of Steve Brady in Sex and the City. Similarly, they are both proud New Yorkers and own bars.

“There’s something about my personality about that bartending thing,” Eigenberg told Entertainment Weekly in an interview.“I find it weird because I’ve been sober for 34 years.”

Eigenberg believes that he gets his acting roles based on his real-life personality.

“I don’t even know how to make a cosmopolitan. But if anyone needs me to pour some draft beer or a glass of wine, I’m your guy,” he added. “I kind of know what goes into a screwdriver but I’m not really sure.”