‘Chicago Fire’: Here’s Why Casey and Dawson Didn’t Work Out

by Shelby Scott

“Chicago Fire” has seen its fair share of breakups over the course of 10 seasons. However, one of the most dramatic and heartwrenching took place when Captain Matt Casey and paramedic Gabby Dawson ended their relationship with a divorce. Now, the latest season sees lead paramedic Sylvie Brett make her ongoing relationship with Matt Casey work. Although, we’re here to explore why Casey and Dawson didn’t.

Simply put, Variety reminds us that Casey and Dawson’s relationship ended when the paramedic decided to leave Firehouse 51, Chicago, and the United States as a whole to head to Puerto Rico. However, the build-up to their break up, and their eventual divorce, is heavier than that.

Casey and Dawson endured a lot of obstacles in their relationship long before they officially called things off.

Soon after the couple was engaged, Dawson found out she was pregnant with Casey’s baby. Initially a happy announcement, season four saw Gabby lose the baby, obviously creating one major struggle for the fan-favorite couple. Further, Gabby eventually decided she wanted to try again. Unfortunately, she soon learned that carrying a baby of her own would likely result in her potential demise.

As such, she and the Truck 81 captain got married in order to adopt a child. And for some time, things went well. Although, as we know, things didn’t remain positive very long. Soon enough, the child’s adoptive father came back into his life, gaining custody of the “Chicago Fire” couple’s adopted son.

After so many hardships, the two began to drift apart. When Dawson receives the opportunity to head hurricane relief in Puerto Rico, she goes. Now, several seasons later, Outsiders may just be seeing the beginnings of the “Brettsy” romance unraveling.

‘Chicago Fire’ Romance Faces Ongoing Hardships

When Matt Casey departed Chicago earlier this season, fans worried he and Brett’s newfound relationship would come to an end. To our relief, “Chicago Fire” showrunners instead found a way to keep their relationship alive.

So far, things have gone rather well for the long-distance couple. Over 12 episodes or so, we’ve seen Brett make frequent trips to the northwestern state to see Casey.

However, now, the couple’s offscreen romance endures late into season 10. As such, Soaps points out things have been “hunky-dory” for Brettsy for too long. As “Chicago Fire” fans know, things are never simple for too long on the show, and with the impending Stellaride wedding (hopefully) right around the corner, the series will need a new, blossoming romance to turn all eyes to.

The outlet also pointed out that Brett, the ever-analytic individual, may further see the distance and lack of physical relationship between her and Casey should Outsiders soon see a Stellaride wedding. While these milestone celebrations often drive couples together, the wedding may just signal a growing distance between the two characters.

So, as “Chicago Fire” returns next week, check back here for all the latest Brettsy updates.