‘Chicago Fire’: Here’s Why David Fumero May Look Familiar

by Matthew Memrick

“Chicago Fire” actor David Fumero’s got that kind of familiar face you’ve probably seen before.

Look a little closer, and you might be saying you know that guy too.

The Cuban-born actor has been in “CSI: Miami,” “CSI: NY,” and “NCIS: Los Angeles.” He’s found his way into other comedies and dramas like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Magnum P.I.,” “Power,” and “L.A.’s Finest.”

But his 2019 “Chicago Fire” villainous role is where fans remember him best.

In the Season 7 episode “Until the Weather Breaks,” Fumero plays John Garrett, a murderous thug who chases a young child seeking refuge in the firefighters’ quarters amid a power outage. 

And in just this one episode, Fumero’s Garrett causes some pretty electrifying havoc. The character works to prevent the young child from testifying against him.

“Chicago Fire” Actor a Soap Opera Star and Marine

Many actors have started in soap operas, and Fumero’s a veteran in the genre. He played Cristian Vega on “One Life To Live” from 1998 to 2011. 

He met his future wife, Michelle, on the show, and the couple married in 2007. 

But before all that, Fumero was a US Marine. He told Experience The Shore in 2008 that his parents granted him parental permission to enlist at age 17. That was during Operation Desert Storm. Fumero said he wouldn’t trade the experience and that it prepared him for life.

He spoke highly of the Marines, saying that “I think kids after high school should experience something like that” and that he “learned a lot.”

After his service, he worked as a model. But a buddy’s suggestion turned into the ABC soap opera gig. Fumero said he “tried it out, studied whenever I could, that’s how it started.”

Back in 2008, Fumero’s interviewer asked him where he saw himself in 10-15 years. Surprisingly, the actor’s prediction was not too far off.

He likes action and superhero movies and hoped to play in some of those roles like in “Chicago Fire.”

The Marine ended the question by saying he “wanted to be a G.I. Joe.”

“Chicago Fire” Star Big Into Martial Arts, Fitness

David Fumero recently posted an Instagram photo of himself getting a Blue Belt.

Dirk Blocker, son of legendary “Bonanza” actor Dan Blocker, even posted praise with a clapping hands emoji.

Wife Melissa Fumero posted several flower bouquets in a congratulatory response.

In another Instagram post, Fumero promoted a Run For Your Life 5k virtual run with Odyssey House.

The “Chicago Fire” star pledged his support and talked a little about knowing people with alcohol issues.

“It’s an amazing way to become part of a sober running community,” Fumero said.

He made a plea to get people involved in the run to support Odyssey House’s programs. The run’s registration for the team challenge is $20. Fumero said participants would get a medal and t-shirt in the mail.