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‘Chicago Fire’: Is Herrmann Actor David Eigenberg About to Leave the Show?

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)

One of the best characters on Chicago Fire is easily Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann. He has been such a comforting presence throughout the show.

There is a bit of speculation that Chicago Fire is due for some changes. Herrmann is at the center of those changes. Fans love the relationship that the Lieutenant has with Chief Wallace Boden. That dynamic is going to be drastically changed if we are to believe recent comments from David Eigenberg. And we do believe those comments!

Watch out now, this is your only SPOILERS WARNING!!!

Monsters & Critics talked with Eigenberg about what Boden’s next move might be.

“Boden is getting,” Eigenberg started. “We’re all getting up there in age and opportunity comes by, and he leaves me… And I’m hurt, and I get a little, well you’re gonna see what happens between us. He’s a heartbreaker. This is a show full of heartbreakers.”

So, season 10 looks like it will be a consequential one for Chicago Fire. For Herrmann, does he want to be at the firehouse without Boden? It is something to think about. Especially with the Sex and the City reboot approaching, Eigenberg might be making an exit from the show entirely. At least, that’s what is being speculated.

With Boden Leaving Where Does that Leave Herrmann?

This is a very important question to consider. Boden and Herrmann have played off of one another for a long time. So, what is going to happen to the Lieutenant when his friend does move on? While these comments confirm Boden is moving on from Firehouse 51, what does it mean in the long run for the Eigenberg character?

However, here’s a quote from E! Online that might make fans feel better.

“One time I was working in New York on that show,” the actor explained. “I had to be back Saturday morning in Chicago, and they said they were going to shoot late and have to hire me a private jet, but I got out in time.”

So, perhaps doing both shows is possible. It would depend on how much the Chicago Fire actor wants to travel back and forth all the time. For now, let’s all relax and assume that Herrmann will be staying for the foreseeable future.

‘Chicago Fire’ Promises Changes in Winter Finale

So far this season, things have changed quite a bit for Chicago Fire. However, Matt Casey’s exit from the show might not be the only one. There is so much that has not been settled. Sylvie is in a long-distance relationship with Matt. Stella hasn’t come back yet.

However, there are good changes coming. Get ready for Gallot, Violet and Ritter to reveal their microbrewery. This will be the 200th episode of the series and it will be a big one.