‘Chicago Fire’: How Caitlin Carver’s New Character Opens Avenues for the Show

by Taylor Cunningham

Chicago Fire has a new paramedic coming aboard later this season. And she could help liven up the series as it continues into its 11th year.

On Tuesday, TVLine confirmed that Caitlin Carver will join the cast during the second half of season 10. She will play a recurring character named Emma. And her first episode should air in April.

So far, Chicago Fire has yet to reveal if the paramedic will be working with the team at firehouse 51 or out of ambulance 61.

But because the series has seen a lot of turnover with characters over the past few years (think Matt Casey, Gabby Dawson, and Peter Mills), bringing in a new semi-regular character opens a lot of avenues for the upcoming storylines.

Thanks to some major plots coming to a close with the recent exits, writers could have faced a lot of stale episodes. But introducing a new face will certainly give them someone to help amp up some fresh drama.

However, there is no way to guess how Emma will fit in with the series. As of yet, Chicago Fire has given absolutely no information about the paramedic’s backstory or personality.

The New ‘Chicago Fire’ Star is a Familiar Face

For those of you who think that the new Chicago Fire actress looks familiar, she is. Caitlin Carver has only been in the industry for a decade, but she’s already racked up an impressive resume. And you’re bound to have seen a few of her projects.

In total, Carver has starred in 30 series and movies. She got into acting shortly after graduating high school, and she made her first on-screen appearance in Disney’s So Random. During a season 1 episode, she played a shin model. Yes, as in the lower leg bone.

Caitlin Carver then had a few guest spots on hit shows such as Glee and Southland before landing her first recurring gig on Nashville playing one of Juliette’s dancers. And at the same time, she also filmed a few episodes with Parks and Recreation.

The actress’s first big break happened in 2014 when she was cast as Hayley Heinz in The Fosters. Then in 2017, she landed her first lead role as Nancy Kerrigan in Netflix’s movie I, Tonya.

Most recently, Carver stared as Muffy Tuttle in the series Dear White People, which ran from 2017 to 2021.

If none of those shows ring a bell, you may recognize Caitlin Carver from her earlier work.

Before Carver was an actress, she was a professional dancer. And she was quite successful with that job. During her time, she worked alongside major pop stars like Beyonce and Pitbull.