‘Chicago Fire’: Is Sylvie Brett Leaving?

by Victoria Santiago

Chicago Fire has announced that they’ve cast a new paramedic role. Does that mean that Sylvie Brett is leaving?

Sylvie Brett, played by Kara Killmer, has been the star of 51’s paramedic team since she arrived on the show. Most recently, she’s been trying to improve the conditions of Chicago paramedics. Clearly, Brett cares about her fellow first responders and helping others.

That being said, some fans are wondering if Brett will be stepping away from the job soon. Chicago Fire announced that they have cast Caitlin Carver to play a paramedic. We don’t have much more information than that at this time, so many are wondering if Carver’s character will be replacing Sylvie Brett. Of course, it’s just speculation at this point, but fans have a couple of different theories.

Theories on Sylvie Brett’s Departure

The first theory is that Brett’s character will want to take time off to go visit Casey (Jesse Spencer). Since the two started a long-distance relationship, there’s been a lot of strain on them. It would only make sense for her to take some time to see Casey. If Sylvie Brett decides to take time off, she might be gone for a while. If that’s the case, then we can assume that she’ll need someone to cover her paramedic duties while she’s away.

Another theory fans have is about Kara Killmer herself. Fans are speculating that Killmer is pregnant. Thus, she’ll eventually need to take some time off from shooting during the second half of season 10. Even though this theory has been widely discussed by fans, there’s no evidence to back it up.

This Outcome Is Much More Likely

Of course, those are just theories. The most likely outcome is that Sylvie Brett will be taking a step back into more of a supporting role in the future. This is based on things that Killmer and the showrunners have said about the rest of season 10. The workload for the rest of the season will be much bigger thanks to her new paramedic program. As a result, they may just need more people working.

In that case, it would make sense that we don’t know a lot about Caitlin Carver’s character yet. When the news broke that she had been cast, we didn’t get any additional information. We don’t even know if her character will be working at the 51. She could end up being based out of an entirely different firehouse.

Knowing the writers and executive producers of Chicago Fire, we probably won’t get much more information on this development until we’re closer to the episodes airing. Part of the thrill is not knowing how things will play out, but we get attached to characters and storylines along the way. We’ll have to wait and see what Sylvie Brett’s future holds.