‘Chicago Fire’ Is Teasing Small Crossover with ‘Chicago PD’

by Lauren Boisvert

The One Chicago franchise is no stranger to crossovers within their wheelhouse. They’ve also crossed over with “Law & Order” and “FBI” on occasion. All these shows are under Wolf Entertainment; it’s no wonder that Dick Wolf likes to to mix things up in his own sandbox sometimes.

Recently, “Chicago Fire” teased that there’s another “Chicago PD” crossover in the work. Because of the pandemic, and the strict isolation protocols on set, there hasn’t been a crossover within One Chicago for a while. That’s all going to change soon.

There’s apparently going to be a mini-crossover with some characters from “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago PD” joining each other on an ongoing arson case. Two episodes after “Two Hundred,” where Jesse Spencer’s Matt Casey left the firehouse, there’s going to a temporary new boss. Apparently, Blake Gallo is going to have some issues with that. Meanwhile, Severide is gearing up for his arson investigation. That’s where the crossover comes in.

The churches that are being attacked are getting bigger and bigger; the firehouse is worried that everything is coming to a head. So, they’re calling in Kevin Atwater from the police station and hoping he can lend a hand.

‘Chicago Fire’: Will Severide Step Up to Lead?

Kelly Severide has gone through a lot on his time on “Chicago Fire.” He’s grown a lot as a character, but does that mean he’s ready to lead Truck 81 in Matt Casey’s absence?

“Chicago Fire” could also be bringing back Boden from being Deputy District Chief. He’s out of the firehouse now, but the show could call him back to lead Truck 81.

Whoever it is, it seems like some of the firefighters are going to clash in the newest episode. That’s to be expected when a beloved boss leaves and someone new takes their place. On the television side of things, it builds drama and conflict. It’ll look good story-wise.

While it’s still a bit sensationalized, the use of actual firefighters as extras and consultants on the show makes it probably the most accurate firefighting show on television. The show has a certain quality to it that lends itself to accuracy. The call dodgers, the administrative drama, the investigations, even the romantic relationships within the team. Very dramatic, but also very real. Life is very dramatic, after all.

Kelly Severide’s actor Taylor Kinney has said that because of this accuracy, he has a better understanding and appreciation for first responders. “These guys are in the guts of this stuff. Hats off to all the first responders […] They’re making a living putting themselves in precarious positions,” Kinney has said. “For me to do be able to do what I do, and do my best to tell the story, I feel really fortunate.”