‘Chicago Fire’: All the Possible Outcomes Amid Jesse Spencer’s Potential Departure

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)

It seems as though our favorite “Chicago Fire” characters just avoided their brush with death in the season 10 premiere. Now, just a couple of episodes later, we face the potential departure of one of the hit show’s lead characters.

Early this season in “Chicago Fire,” fans are reintroduced to the oldest son of the deceased firefighter, Andy Darden. Darden passed in the first few scenes of “Chicago Fire’s” very first episode, however, the impact was lasting. After all, both our contemporary lead characters, Matt Casey and Kelly Severide were best friends with the late fireman.

Now, Casey has reconnected with Darden’s eldest son, Griffin, as well as his troublesome younger brother, Ben. The last time we saw the boys, they were just children, Griffin no older than 10. Now in high school, the boys’ lives have become, essentially, hell. Their mother remains imprisoned, their aunt has left them, and they have bounced back and forth as caretakers try to place them in more permanent homes.

During Casey’s visit with the boys in Oregon last week, we learn Griffin and Ben could get split up and sent into foster care. Initially, our compassionate “Chicago Fire” captain wants to bring the boys home to Chicago. However, counselors believe it’s the worst possible solution at the moment; the teenagers have found stability at least in school, friendship, and community. At that, Casey appears to make the decision to relocate to Oregon to take care of Darden’s boys.

How Would Casey’s Departure Affect “Chicago Fire” Dynamics?

Wednesday’s new episode of “Chicago Fire” hopefully provides “One Chicago” fans with a definite answer to Casey’s difficult solution. Obviously, Outsiders will face major heartbreak should Firehouse 51’s Captain leave. But at least we could take solace knowing he left for noble reasons.

Nevertheless, the character’s departure could affect the chain of command in “Chicago Fire” in major ways. First off, as CarterMatt states, Firehouse 51 has an overload of qualified authority figures. The outlet pointed out that if Casey heads to Oregon, it would free up room to shift around our high-ranking firemen and women, including Lieutenants Severide and Herrmann as well as newly minted Lt. Stella Kidd.

So, essentially if we lose Casey, the potential relocation of Kidd to another house may be avoided as room would free up at our favorite “Chicago Fire” firehouse.

Additionally, the outlet pointed out that, if Casey were to go to Oregon permanently, it doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t see him again. After all, “Chicago Fire” production has brought back highlight characters like Monica Raymond’s Gabby Dawson seasons later. So who’s to say Casey wouldn’t return too?

So, for those emotional Outsiders like myself planning to watch Wednesday’s 200th episode of “Chicago Fire,” it may be a good idea to have a box of tissues nearby. Especially if Casey does leave during this episode.