‘Chicago Fire’: Jesse Spencer May Be Gone But Casey Is Still a Part of the Show

by Lauren Boisvert

“Chicago Fire” lost one of its favorites in season 10 when Jesse Spencer left. But, his character Matt Casey is still an important part of the show. He’s been mentioned a few times; additionally, since he’s still in a relationship with main character Sylvie Brett, she goes to visit him in Oregon off screen.

So, he was never completely written out of “Chicago Fire.” Although Spencer left to focus on other projects and his personal life, there’s still room for him to come back as Casey. Especially now that Stella and Severide are getting married.

As for Brett and Casey, showrunner Derek Haas recently told Variety that he couldn’t bring himself to break them up. “It would have felt like cheating after having them building that relationship over so many seasons and then just throwing it away because of production demand,” he said. Some fans were hoping for a clean break, allowing Brett to move on. But it seems like Haas has other plans for the two.

Matt Casey still has a prominent role in the “One Chicago” universe; he just isn’t physically in it at the moment. But, with Stella and Severide planning a wedding, that may change. “I would be mortified if there was a wedding that didn’t include Casey,” said Haas, referring to Casey possibly coming back for the wedding. It’s all up to Jesse Spencer, essentially; he has to decide if he’s willing to guest star.

Hopefully, Spencer wants to come back. Haas says he enjoys the long distance aspect of the relationship, but it would be nice to see Casey for the wedding. “We thought it was realistic, especially in this day and age, that people can keep a relationship going,” said Haas. “It’s been fun for us because we love Casey so much as writers that we want him to keep his presence.”

‘Chicago Fire’: Is Sylvie Brett Leaving?

There have been some rumors floating around that Sylvie Brett could be leaving Firehouse 51. What with the new acquisition of Caitlin Carver in a paramedic role, fans are wondering if that means Brett is stepping down. Could she be taking a job in Oregon to be with Casey? Is Kara Killmer pregnant, or taking a guest starring role?

There’s not a lot of information of Caitlin Carver’s new “Chicago Fire” character. She may not even be at Firehouse 51. Brett is also starting her paramedic program, so Carver’s character could be filling the need for more paramedics. If that’s the case, it’s unlikely that Brett would go anywhere. It’s her project, after all.

Most likely, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with this new character. Hopefully, Brett isn’t going anywhere, and we get a Casey cameo at Stellaride’s wedding to top everything off.