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‘Chicago Fire’ Star Joe Minoso’s ‘Best Memories’ During Time on Show Will Make Fans Emotional

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Chicago Fire star Joe Minoso and Christian Stolte’s best memories during their time on the show are so sweet. Minoso plays firefighter Joe Cruz on the hit series and has done so since its early years. Stolte, meanwhile, plays Randall McHolland. Over their time on the show, they’ve gained plenty of fond memories.

In an interview with Fangirlish, Minoso and Stolte talked about their favorite moments while shooting Chicago Fire. Minoso had a hard time picking out anything specific. He claimed that everything is “between action and cut,” especially in the early years. So what did he mean by this?

“Just whatever nonsense was filling our time, while they were setting up a giant fire and we were sitting on a freezing truck, those will forever be the best memories for me,” he said. His costar, Christian Solete, also noted that their first few years on the show were particularly special.

“It was all new to us, and we were all sort of marveling at the idea that we could get paid to hang out with this cool group of people. Any moment in the back of that truck where we’re laughing till tears come out of our eyes. That’s my favorite moment.”

But the work they did behind the camera, and the people they worked with to get there, also mattered a ton.

“A lot of the cool rescues and stuff we did those are hard won moments,” he said. “They take a lot of hard work from a lot of people to make those things happen, and they are rewarding in their own way.”

‘Chicago Fire’ Star Joe Minoso Inspired one of Cruz’s Storylines

Chicago Fire star Joe Minoso actually inspired one of Cruz’s storylines after he told a real-life story to executive producer Dick Wolf. Minoso opened up about his battles with depression and body image. When he found a Zumba class, it changed his life.

On Chicago Fire, Cruz is actually a Zumba instructor on the side. It’s often played as a joke, but it’s still a great way to flesh out his character. In one instance, Sylvie Brett finds out and wants in, asking her fellow firefighter if she can take some of his classes. Soon, the rest of the firehouse finds out.

Chicago Fire is a part of the long-running One Chicago franchise. The franchise really set the stage for other shows to expand and air new episodes on the same night. The franchise consists of Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, And Chicago P.D with Chicago Fire sandwiched between the two airing every Wednesday night at 9/8 central on NBC.