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‘Chicago Fire’ Actor Joe Minoso Opens Up About Cruz’s Struggles as a Father

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

“Chicago Fire” season 10 has focused a lot of screen time on the changes taking place at Firehouse 51. One occurred as the first few episodes saw firefighter Joe Cruz battling PTSD after his near-drowning during this season premiere. However, we have actually seen much less of Cruz since he has become a dad. Now, however, the actor, Joe Minoso, has opened up about the character’s struggles as a father and what we may see in upcoming episodes.

During an interview with Starry Constellation Magazine, Minoso provided insight as to how “Chicago Fire” fans can expect to see Joe transition as a father in addition to being a husband and a fireman. He stated Joe as a father, “is definitely a side we haven’t seen.”

The actor continued, “he’s a nurturing human being but…we’ve never really seen him interact with a kid.”

From that perspective, the “Chicago Fire” actor is absolutely right. For fans who watched last week’s episode, the first few frames saw Cruz bragging about his son with his coworkers. He flipped through numerous photos of the baby boy, his friends joking they hope he winds up looking like Chloe, the character’s wife.

Further, Minoso spoke about his relationship with costar Kristin Gutoskie, who plays his character’s wife, Chloe. And Outsiders couldn’t be happier to hear the behind-the-scenes of the pair’s relationship. Of the actress, the “Chicago Fire” star said, “I’m hoping we get to see so much more of Kristin Gutoskie who plays Chloe on the show. She is such a joy.”

So, as we head further into season 10 of “Chicago Fire,” we are more than excited to see how Joe Cruz develops as a character, but more importantly, as a dad.

How Long Will ‘Chicago Fire’s’ New Lieutenant Remain on Show?

While this week, “Chicago Fire” fans wonder whether we’ll see more of Joe Cruz’s development as a father, we also have a new storyline to explore.

As many Outsiders know, headlining character Matt Casey, played by Jesse Spencer, took his final leave from “Chicago Fire” during the series 200th episode. Now, as Truck 81 is left without an authority figure, last week saw the addition of interim lieutenant, Jason Pelham. And based solely on his first appearance, it doesn’t seem as though the character has received a warm welcome.

This week’s latest episode promises a major blowout between the new Pelham character and young firefighter Blake Gallo. And although last week saw the two men clash heads, this week promises an even more dramatic and intense fallout.

Nevertheless, however, “Chicago Fire” fans are worried whether the open position on Truck 81 will go to Pelham as he’s available instead of new Lieutenant Stella Kidd.

Kidd, the new fiancé to Lt. Kelly Severide, just passed her Lieutenant’s test at the end of “Chicago Fire” season nine. However, almost immediately after, she headed to Boston to expand her Girls on Fire program. Now, it seems that decision might cost her a major promotion at Firehouse 51.

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