‘Chicago Fire’: Kara Killmer Was Doubtful About Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett’s Relationship

by Taylor Cunningham

Back in 2020, Chicago Fire actress Kara Killmer was a little hesitant about Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett’s budding romance.

For a while, Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey had the standard will they won’t they situation going on Chicago Fire. But eventually, the parametric and fire captain sealed it with a kiss. And the two are currently in a long-term relationship, despite the fact that Matt Casey left Firehouse 51 and the show.

But when sparks first started to fly on screen, Brett’s Kara Kilmer wasn’t sold on the relationship. Kilmer was still hung up on Brett’s past with Antonio Dawson and Casey’s marriage to Gabriela Dawson. And she wasn’t ready for that story to be over. She chatted about those feelings with Tell a Tale back in 2020.

“Sometimes I still have mixed feelings about it, because I was like the number one Dawsey fan, okay? I loved their relationship. And so when they started, on our end I was like, ‘Ugh, I don’t know.’ And I also loved what Brett had with Antonio. And it all felt super complex to me,” she said.

However, the writers started selling the inevitable romance by putting the two characters in intimate situations and really building their connection. So before long, Kilmer began to see why Brett and Casey belonged together.

“It’s very comfortable. And I think they’re very similar. They’re very similar types of people,” Kilmer admitted. “They’re very dutiful. They’re very loyal. They’re very self-sacrificing. They tend to put other people before themselves. And so to channel that energy, and put that energy toward one another is just, it’s very tender, you know?”

‘Chicago Fire’: Kara Kilmer’s Theory on Why Brett and Casey Took Relationship Slowly

Despite knowing each other for seven years, it took Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett a long time to start dating on Chicago Fire. But there was a good reason for that. Up until 2019, Casey was with Brett’s best friend, Gabriela Dawson.

“I do think that Brett is so overwhelmingly aware that this is my former best friend’s ex-husband and girl code,” Kilmer explained in an interview with Starry Mag. “They have a professional relationship and such a beautiful friendship, but mostly it feels like I don’t want to violate something sacred by having a romance with this guy.”

Now that Casey and Brett are together, they still have some obstacles that keep the relationship on the backburner.

“She needs to stand up for herself and I do think we have seen Brett have a big personal journey in her romantic life. She will set her needs aside because she wants love so much. I think we saw a little bit of progress going ahead and telling the chaplain that she can’t marry you. And with Casey, I think she does feel like ‘I don’t want to be second in your mind and we have such a strong connection I don’t even want to mess with it if it can’t be real or exclusive.'”