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‘Chicago Fire’: Kara Killmer Explains Why Sylvie Brett ‘Badly’ Wants Love

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

Things on Chicago Fire are always heating up. Whether it is actual flames or the flames of romance, something is always going on at the station. Kara Killmer spoke about why her character wanted love so badly.

While Sylvie Brett has been with Matthew Casey for a little bit, there was a time when she was looking for love. The paramedic has had other relationships, and nothing ever seems to work out. When Casey entered the picture, fans were wanting something to happen. About a month ago, Casey made his final appearance on the show and for now, the two are in a long-distance relationship officially.

To me, it sounds like the Chicago Fire star is going to be looking for love again before we know it. Kara Killmer talked to TellTaleTV about how Brett approaches her personal life with her past being what it is. “Something I’m glad that she’s never lost is she does believe the best in people and she is pretty resilient. She does wax optimistic most of the time. In her romantic journey, for instance, I do think she’s a hopeless romantic. She has been very unlucky in love, from being dumped at the altar to having her thing with Antonio, and not with a bang, but with like a total fizzle.”

For the Chicago Fire star, there is so much that Brett has gone through. So, it makes sense that her character is the way she is. When it comes to love, it just looks like the paramedic is going to have some flings and some good short-term relationships. However, until something or someone new comes into her life, it isn’t clear exactly what is to come for Sylvie.

‘Chicago Fire’: Killmer Says Brett ‘Wants Love’

Of course, the obvious takeaway from Brett’s story has to be the fact that she wants to be in love. There is no doubt, she is someone who wants to be with someone. It just hasn’t happened yet. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, either. So, until then, Sylvie will remain an optimist and keep looking for the love she wants so badly.

Killmer spoke further on the matter. “She wants love in her life so badly that she will set aside her own needs to make it happen,” the actress explained, “And then it doesn’t work out, I think she has a sneaking suspicion that she’s just not lovable and it’s never going to work out for her because she’s just not worth it. … That [her relationship with Chaplain] was kind of the first sign of progress of like, ‘I actually do think I want more for my life.”

Brett is going to continue to look for love. When it comes to Chicago Fire sparks are always flying.