‘Chicago Fire’: Major Actor Hoping to Return to ‘Mess Things Up’ Next Season

by Shelby Scott

“Chicago Fire” character, Kelly Severide, may face major relationship problems with fiancée Stella Kidd should a previous ex-wife show up in season 10. Or future seasons for that matter, as it saw renewal for the 10th, 11th, and 12th seasons.

Early in “Chicago Fire,” Severide earned the title of an untrustworthy romantic partner. Fans who’ve followed the show since the beginning have seen the character completely destroy several romantic partnerships. The method of destruction varies, between past exes, relationships, and overall commitment problems.

According to a TVLine article, Severide’s ex-wife Brittany (played by actress Serinda Swan) hopes to return to the set of “Chicago Fire” sometime soon. Supposedly, she hopes to stir up trouble for her ex-husband. The actress has previously revealed, “[She] would be down for [Brittany] to just randomly show up one season and mess things up a bit for him again.”

From Britanny to Stella Kidd

Kelly Severide married Brittany during a rendezvous in Las Vegas following the death of a loved one. In this way, they struck up a connection and then wed each other. However, season 6 revealed for both fans and the fireman’s partner, Stella Kidd, he and Brittany annulled their marriage. Nevertheless, Kidd’s run into Severide’s past enough times to be skeptical should it happen again.

Contrastly, it seems in recent seasons following the initiation of his relationship with Kidd, Severide’s grown up and settled down. Although, even that relationship saw several problems early on. Kidd was previously unsure whether or not she could commit to someone who seemed so plagued by other romantic problems. Despite all odds though, Severide proposed to Kidd at the end of season 9, after vowing never to marry again.

However, before Brittany makes her very possible return to the “Chicago Fire,” we first need to know whether or not Severide and the rest of Firehouse 51’s squad 3 make it out of their aquatic entrapment alive.

‘Chicago Fire’ and ‘Chicago PD’ Left Fans with Major Cliffhangers

As hinted above, the season 10 premiere of “Chicago Fire” promises to bring lots of clarification to a season 9 cliffhanger. However, the show is only one of the One Chicago franchises promising to return this fall with previous season clarification.

The season 8 finale of “Chicago PD” captured the shooting of longtime department officer, Kim Burgess. Burgess gets shot and is left for dead after an investigation goes wrong and she is discovered. The finale shows she managed to get herself out and away from the shooters. However, it’s unclear the final result of her shooting. Like in season 9 of “Chicago Fire,” fans continue to speculate on the outcome of some of their favorite characters.

Additionally, the season 9 premiere of “Chicago PD” will reveal how Officer Upton is handling the secret of her shooting a suspect to protect Sergeant Hank Voight. And, as if that weren’t enough, we soon learn what’s become of Voight and his previous transformation from dirty cop to the genuine leader. Fans will see whether or not the officer was sincere in his efforts to effect change.