‘Chicago Fire’: Meet the Actor Who Plays Kylie Estevez

by Shelby Scott

Throughout recent seasons, “Chicago Fire” has placed a lot of emphasis on its younger firefighters and personnel. Several consist of current characters such as Blake Gallo, Darren Ritter, and Violet Mikami. However, several seasons ago, when fan-favorite character Stella Kidd ignited her Girls on Fire program, we met one recurring character. Now, she serves as one of Firehouse 51’s all-important administrative assistants, and that is Kylie Estevez.

Kylie has become a pretty influential character during her time on “Chicago Fire.” Following her work with Stella, she has become a central figure within Firehouse 51’s administrative staff. However, now, with some help from Looper, we have an opportunity to introduce Outsiders to the young actress behind the character.

First and foremost, the outlet states the young, energetic, and passionate character of Kylie is played by actress Katelynn Shennett. Interestingly, Shennett’s role on “Chicago Fire” marks her very first. Hopefully, as we see more seasons of “Chicago Fire,” we continue to see appearances made by the young actress.

Despite her age, Kylie has been with the “Chicago Fire” crew since season eight. It was here when Stella’s all-female program first kicked off. At first, Stella had high hopes for the young woman as she demonstrated great potential as a future candidate. Suddenly, however, she disappeared from weekly meetings. Soon enough, we learn Kylie’s family struggles financially, which ultimately leads to her now-pivotal role at Firehouse 51.

So far, Kylie has only appeared in about 14 of “Chicago Fire’s” 200+ episodes. Nevertheless, her drive and passion matches that of her superiors and colleagues alike. Most recently, the character’s biggest accomplishment came as the administrative assistant helped Chief Boden relocate back to Firehouse 51, while still maintaining his new position.

‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Debate Violet and Gallo’s Strange Relationship

Speaking of our Firehouse 51’s young personnel, it’s pertinent to address the strange relationship between two of those characters. Namely, that is fireman Blake Gallo and paramedic Violet Mikami. Since Violet first appeared on “Chicago Fire,” fans quickly learned the pair had a strange yet romantic connection. 

In a nutshell, it appeared the two were always at each other’s throats, set on one-upping each other. However, soon that competition turned into physically romantic meet-ups. Since then, their relationship, at least as friends, has improved greatly.

Now, in the latest episode, “Chicago Fire” fans saw Violet head into surgery following a ruptured appendix. In a plot twist few saw coming, the district’s new Paramedic Field Chief, Evan Hawkins, has potentially developed feelings for the female first responder.

As such, Gallo has again begun to experience jealousy and conflict surrounding his feelings for Violet.

Now, fans are sounding off about their own sentiments regarding the strange pair of characters.

Reddit, dependable as always, helped fans narrow down a vote surrounding Gallo and Violet as a potential couple. Results from the post demonstrate that despite their history and awkward way of connecting, the two first responders are “Meant to be!”

Still, the post’s other two options received almost similar numbers of votes. In second, “Chicago Fire” fans believe the two characters to be better as friends while only a handful of others were “Not a fan.”

Hopefully, the upcoming midseason finale sheds light on the pair’s future, either as friends or more.