‘Chicago Fire’ on NBC: Season 10 Release Date, Cast, Trailer

by Anna Dunn

Chicago Fire is coming back to NBC for season 10 this fall. This follows a very high suspense 9th season, and it looks like season 10 will try and top it. Production is being pretty tight-lipped about details surrounding Chicago Fire season 10, but we do know some basics about its release date and cast.

First, you can expect Chicago Fire to have more crossovers with other shows in the Dick Wolf lead Chicago franchise. But that’s not even the most exciting thing that’ll happen next season. Chicago Fire season 10 will feature the show’s landmark 200th episode. The 200th episode will likely bring in some fun guests.

When, Where, and How to Watch ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10

Chicago Fire is one of the many shows which had schedules affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but this season promises a return to normal scheduling. Season 10 will premiere on Wednesday, September 22nd at 9/8 cs.

Chicago Fire is in good company in its schedule as it’ll be sandwiched right between Chicago MD and Chicago PD. All three series will premiere their seasons on the 22nd.

Other Important Season 10 Details

While season 9 of Chicago fire ended on a cliffhanger that put many fan-favorite characters in jeopardy, there’s no confirmation of anyone leaving the cast. This doesn’t mean all the characters are safe, but production is keeping things under wraps until the season returns.

Other than that, NBC hasn’t announced any other cast departures. Meanwhile, the cast of Chicago Med did have two people depart after deciding not to renew their contracts. Many fans think everyone will return to the cast including  Kara Killmer, Jesse Spencer, David Eigenberg, Hanako Greensmith, Christian Stolte, Daniel Kyri, and Alberto Rosende.

We do know, however, that Hanako Greensmith, who plays Violet Mikami, will become a full-time cast member this season.

While no official synopsis for the season has been released, fans can naturally expect season 10 to pick up where season 9 left off, revealing the fate of Kidd and the rest of the squad members. The season will also likely address whether or not Boden will leave the 51. The relationships of the characters could develop further this season as well.

No official trailer for Chicago Fire season 10 has been released.

The Chicago Franchise is a Part of A Ratings Strategy

Multiple networks are trying to get their franchise series to air their shows on the same night. This allows viewers to, in a way, have a three or so hour binge-watch of their favorite franchise. NBC isn’t just airing the Chicago franchise back to back to back, but they’re doing the same with Law & Order.

CBS is attempting the same strategy on their network, lining up Dick Wolf’s other franchise, FBI, on Tuesday nights and having two of the three NCIS series air on Mondays. With FBI, Chicago, and Law & Order, Dick Wolf has three current franchise series dominating network television, with Chicago Fire being one of the best.