‘Chicago Fire’ Producer Says 200th Episode Was ‘Tough to Film’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Wednesday night marks the milestone premiere of “Chicago Fire’s” 200th episode. Outsiders have been anticipating the event since before the new season’s premiere. Now, as we have just hours to wait before the milestone episode premieres, we’ve gained insight as to why the 200th episode was so “tough to film.”

According to executive producer, Derek Haas, Wednesday night’s 200th episode premiere compacts a lot of drama and emotion. Haas stated the 200th episode of “Chicago Fire” “is emotional, life-changing and tough to view.”

Showrunners have previously revealed some of the events leading up to and taking place during the 200th episode. However, it’s truly going to be quite a ride for what “Chicago Fire’s” Taylor Kinney has called “diehard Chi-fi fans.”

TVInsider reminded us that tension has slowly built as fireman Joe Cruz prepares for the birth of his firstborn. Additionally, just several episodes into the new season, Firehouse 51’s former chief, Wallace Boden, appears to resent his new promotion.

However, most prevalent in Wednesday night’s episode forefronts Captain Matt Casey‘s tough decision: whether or not he leaves Firehouse 51. All indicators by way of our informative showrunner prove Casey may not hang around much longer. He told the outlet, “All I can tell you is that Casey will always choose helping others over his own happiness.”

Should that remain the case, we can only assume our “Chicago Fire” captain makes way for Oregon to care for a late friend’s sons. And who can blame him?

“Chicago Fire” Promises Several Subplots For 200th Episode

Casey’s tough decision will definitely forefront Wednesday night’s milestone episode. Although we can’t forget about all the continuing subplots that have been building since the season premiere. As I mentioned above, Joe Cruz’s wife Chloe should be approaching her due date any day now.

Additionally, last week saw Chief Boden confiding in senior fireman Christopher Herrmann about difficulties he’s facing in his new position. However, so much more remains to be unpacked.

According to TVInsider, Derek Haas claims the 200th episode kicks off a “crazy storyline” for Lieutenant Kelly Severide. The outlet stated Severide “will see the return of an old colleague of his.”

Additionally, paramedic Sylvie Brett just saw the conditional approval of her new paramedicine program. She hopes to speed up first responder response times during legitimate emergencies. So perhaps we’ll dive into that this week too.

And finally, as if there weren’t already enough subplots to follow, Haas promised the final few moments of the 200th episode will be defining. He stated, “The ending says a lot about how the writers and I feel about a certain character.” And if Outsiders weren’t already chomping at the bit for Wednesday night’s episode, we definitely are now.