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‘Chicago Fire’ Star Randy Flagler Got Up Close and Personal with Mark Harmon on ‘NCIS’ Episode

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

“NCIS” and “Chicago Fire” may be procedural drama competitors, but we once saw two icons from the shows appear on the screen at the same time.

Randy Flagler once stopped by for a visit on “NCIS.” Flagler is most known for his role as Harold Capp on “Chicago Fire,” in which he has appeared in over 200 episodes. His character has also made several appearances on both “Chicago P.D.” and “Chicago Med.”

‘Chicago Fire’ and ‘NCIS’ Stars Unite

You may also recognize Flagler from different roles in projects like “The Double,” “Men of Honor,” and “24.” In 2006, he was in the “NCIS” episode titled “Hiatus (Part #1).” He played Gibbs’ correctional officer during the episode so the two really got up close and personal.

The episode was quite explosive at the time. It featured a Turkish cargo ship that was in port at Hampton Roads in Virginia. While Gibbs was aboard the ship it suddenly exploded and left him with a series of burns and even a concussion. One person was also killed by the explosion.

He is escorted to the emergency room, but the rest of the team works hard to try to figure out what happened on the ship. Gibbs is in a coma for most of the episode but eventually wakes up in front of Ducky, a neurologist, and a nurse. He doesn’t remember Ducky at all when he wakes up.

This is the only time Mark Harmon and Randy Flagler appeared on the screen together. It was brief but memorable for some “NCIS” fans.

Current ‘NCIS’ Star Once on NBC Drama

Although Flagler’s appearance on “NCIS” was brief, another “Chicago Fire” star is now a regular on the series.

Gary Cole currently leads the “NCIS” team after Mark Harmon’s emotional departure from the program. Gibbs officially left the show in the middle of season 19 after he had been starring for 18 years in the hit drama.

Cole plays Agent Alden Parker and has been leading the team during investigations. However, some of the team (and some viewers at home) disagree with that new setup. His role in “NCIS” is somewhat controversial, seeing as he is in many ways the replacement for Gibbs.

Cole appeared in “Chicago Fire” for 13 different episodes over the course of three different seasons. He played Carl Grissom in the series. He was the antagonist for season six of the show. We first saw Grissom as the Chicago Fire Department’s Deputy District Chief. At this time, he was a good friend to Lieutenant Kelly Severide, played by Taylor Kinney.

Grissom had a bit of a shady past, yet still got promoted to the Fire Commissioner role. The team found out shortly after that he had been faking his response time statistics. His very last role in the series was in the 2019 episode “Welcome to Crazytown.”