‘Chicago Fire’: Severide Finds Himself in a Precarious Situation in Upcoming Episode

by Anna Dunn

Chicago Fire’s Severide finds himself in a precarious situation in the episode that airs tonight. While it’s not unusual for the firefighter to find himself in danger, this situation looks particularly difficult to get out of. He’s left to dangle by a rope mid-air during a very complex rescue. This leaves the entire team concerned for his well Being.

Fans aren’t really sweating it though. It would be a shocking move for Chicago Fire to do something as drastic as kill off Severide (especially in the middle of a season) Not to mention, Showrunner Derek Haas kind of implied that if anyone’s got this, it’s definitely Severide.

“Severide is very good at rescuing people,” he told Us Weekly about the character’s daring rescue attempt. Talking about his feelings? Not so much. But saving the day. That’s his jam.

The episode, An Officer With Grit, probably won’t see Severide Killed off. But with any luck for fans, it’ll see Severide as the main focus, shining a light on his character. Here’s the Promo for the episode, which warns that “his life is hanging by a thread.”

What Else you Should Know About ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10 Episode 14

Season 10, Episode 14 may be huge for Severide, but it’ll also see a bunch of other characters spring into action. I’ll also see Kidd continuing to pursue her Lieutenant’s exam. Here’s the synopsis:

“Chief Hawkins goes above and beyond to help Brett and Violet with a problem; Kidd pursues an open lieutenant position; a blast from the past asks Mouch and Herrmann for a favor,” the description reads.

So when Severide’s done almost dying, he’ll probably also have some important moments in his relationship with Kidd, who he hasn’t been the best at communicating with this season. Things have settled down a bit. But ever since Kidd returned, many have noted that things still aren’t exactly what they used to be between them.

These things, however, take time. And fans are still anticipating a wedding between them, hopefully even by the end of next season.

“He’s not so good at communicating, and he’s never been that willing to say exactly what’s on his mind, which can be frustrating when you’re the woman in his life,” Haas also said about Severide.

It’ll be interesting to see who this blast from the past is that goes to Mouch and Herrmann. Hopefully, this person’s presence is a good surprise for them.

The episode of Chicago Fire is airing right now on NBC. But if you’re missing it, you can always catch it on Peacock the next day. Following this episode of Chicago Fire, there’s a new episode of Chicago PD that you’ll still have time to catch.