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‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunner Derek Haas Opened Up About Severide’s Skill Set

by Anna Dunn
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Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Haas discussed Kelly Severide’s skill set. Severide is, of course, one of the main characters in the hit firefighting drama. Severide is an absolute legend when it comes to saving lives, but he also has a good amount of weaknesses.

His talents and ability to rescue people really help him in his career, but his weaknesses concentrate around his personal life. The showrunner sat down with Us Magazine to discuss the upcoming episode and Severide’s daring rescue attempt.

“Severide is very good at rescuing people,” Haas told the publication.

But there’s also some stuff he’s really not so good at. Like feelings. And talking about them. A recent storyline that’s troubled fans is his inability to communicate with Kidd.

He distanced himself from her while she was studying for her lieutenant’s exam and when she finally returned home from her tour with “Girls on Fire.” She was gone for way longer than planned. And as his fiance, Severide had issues with that, but hasn’t been the best at communicating those issues.

“He’s not so good at communicating, and he’s never been that willing to say exactly what’s on his mind, which can be frustrating when you’re the woman in his life,” he explained.

Some fans are wondering if Severide and Kidd will get married this season. But it seems they have a lot to work through. And while fans really like the couple, is marriage really what’s best for them right now? That’s definitely a question the show is asking itself. Because guess what good marriages thrive on? Communication.

What to Expect From the Next ‘Chicago Fire’ Episode

The next episode of Chicago Fire promises to deliver. And, as mentioned it looks like it’s going to be a pretty big one for Severide and Kidd’s relationship as she applies for that position. Here’s the description:

“Chief Hawkins goes above and beyond to help Brett and Violet with a problem; Kidd pursues an open lieutenant position; a blast from the past asks Mouch and Herrmann for a favor,” the description reads.

So with Hawkins, Brett, and Violet getting a storyline as well as Kidd continuing to pursue that position despite Severide’s distance, there should be plenty of relationship drama upcoming. And who even knows what that blast from the past could be!

It looks like the episode is filled with some really fun team-ups. But right now, the actual action and cases they’re facing seem pretty vague.

If you want to catch the next episode of Chicago Fire, it airs Tomorrow night (March 2nd) on NBC at 9/8 Central following a new episode of Chicago Med and preceding a new episode of Chicago PD.