‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunner Hypes Up Show’s 200th Episode, Will Have ‘Life-Changing Decisions’

by Amy Myers

It doesn’t feel like Chicago Fire is already at its 10th season. Still, here we are, 200 episodes later, still in love with the camaraderie, sheer bravery and, yes, romantic endeavors. Since teaming up under “One Chicago” with sister series, Med and PD, we’ve seen more dynamic plotlines and suspenseful cliffhangers, and we can’t get enough.

In fact, showrunner Derek Haas promises some pretty major developments during the special episode. Haas told TV Line that the installment will feature “big events, big calls, big, life-changing decisions.”

“It’s really one of those episodes that when people look back at the run of the series, it’ll be a big, defining moment in where we are,” the Chicago Fire showrunner shared.

If there’s anything we’ve learned from season finales and other special episodes, that means there will drama – and lots of it. The new season will also provide answers to last season’s shocking finale. As we remember, four of department 51’s firefighters were trapped in a sinking ship. Fans, keep a tissue box close by, we’ll definitely need it.

‘Chicago Fire’ Teases Upcoming Episodes

As if fans weren’t already foaming at the mouths for their next fix of Chicago Fire, the show released photos from the first episode of its 10th season, “Mayday” which airs on September 22nd.

Though there’s no description available yet (probably to prevent any spoiler alerts) the newly released photos do allude to some of the events we’ll soon see in real-time. Several of the photos give us a look at the docks, where we last saw Severide, Cruz, Capp and Tony. Paramedics Silvie and Violet watch with a worried expression, while Stella Kidd clutches her radio propped on her shoulder.

In a different scene in the Chicago Fire episode, the Station 51 firefighters are up against some grizzly flames consuming a building. The fire has even reached the roof, on which flames spill from a hole. Another photo shows a dangerous rescue in action, as a firefighter and victim cling to a cable from the suspended ladder.

Take a look at the sneak preview photos here.

The photos aren’t the only teaser that Chicago Fire has gifted to its fans. To promote all three of its Chicago-based shows, the franchise also released a trailer that shared some of the upcoming season’s most suspenseful and meaningful moments. Within the video, we see some overlap with the photos from the Chicago Fire‘s first episode. One of the station members instructs a fire victim to hold onto him tightly as they swing out from the roof of a burning building.

At the end, fans can hear the resounding voice of the stoic and strong Chief Wallace Boden.

“We will always look out for each other.”