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Jesse Spencer and ‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunner Teases Eventual Return of Matt Casey

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

After starring on Chicago Fire for 10 seasons, Jesse Spencer‘s character Matt Casey took his exit. However, a franchise showrunner and Spencer teased in an interview he isn’t necessarily gone for good.

Showrunner Derek Haas and Jesse Spencer spoke to TVLine about the monumental 200th episode. They also discussed what it means for the show, as well as Casey’s future. First, what may interest fans is the long-awaited romance between Casey and Sylvie Brett will continue. Both Casey and Haas confirm this, with Haas stating “We’re going to keep it alive.” He mentions FaceTime, phone calls, and easy-access flights all contributing to maintaining their romance.

Additionally, the duo said this is probably not the last we’ve seen of Spencer. Stating his voice will be heard in an upcoming episode, they talk about Casey’s future. “This is a three-year commitment that Casey is making, but hopefully, we’ll see him before those three years are done.”

Spencer affirms the idea his time on Chicago Fire isn’t over.

“There is the potential for me to come back. I still am in Chicago right now. I’m not running off to Los Angeles or anything, although I might escape for a little bit of the winter,” Spencer said while laughing. “My home here with my wife is in Chicago, and so I’m still going to be here, but I’m just stepping back for right now.”

“Stepping back for right now” seems to be the key words here. Something tells me he won’t be gone for as long as some might think.

‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunner Remembers Casey and Gabby’s First Kiss

Though Jesse Spencer’s time on Chicago Fire has ended (for now), showrunner Derek Haas took some time to reflect on some of the franchise’s first. A big moment for him was when Casey and Gabby shared their first kiss.

In another interview with TVLine, Haas talked about one of his favorite episodes. The episode in question is called “Rhymes with Shout” from season 2 and involves Jesse Spencer and Monica Raymund’s characters.

“I always remember the first time Casey and Gabby kissed,” Haas said. “She was getting ready to go over to his place, and there’s this great little sequence of shots that Joe Chappelle directed, where she’s getting dressed in the mirror, she’s putting on lipstick, and she opens her door and Casey’s there. He was coming over to her place. That one, I’ll always remember as being a really great romantic moment.”

Raymund and her character Gabby are no longer on the show, but Haas still has a great fondness for that moment. Additionally, he said an episode in season 6 where Stella and Severide got milkshakes together stands out. When thinking of the scene, he recalls “That was really sweet.”