‘Chicago Fire’ Star Brett Dalton Looks at Home in Behind the Scenes Photo

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

Among the drama that’s penetrated “Chicago Fire,” Outsiders might have forgotten about Firehouse 51’s newest addition, Lieutenant Jason Pelham. Between Stella’s absence, Brett‘s paramedicine program, and Gallo and Violet’s strange relationship, Pelham has fallen to the background.

However, despite the fact, Pelham’s actor Brett Dalton looks very much at home behind the scenes of “Chicago Fire.”

Casually looking back over his shoulder from the passenger seat of what we can assume is Truck 81, Dalton writes in his post, “Casually looking at [fire] is just as important as putting it out. So I’m told.”

He then encourages followers to check out the night’s brand new episode of “Chicago Fire,” the long-awaited midseason finale. Fans took to the comments to share their love for the new character. Others took a moment to affirm their viewership of the brand new episode.

“Can’t wait… Hope u stay, i love ur character!” wrote one “Chicago Fire” fan. Another said, “You fit in this show perfectly! Can’t wait to see you in many more episodes!”

While Pelham gets comfy at Firehouse 51, “Chicago Fire’s” headlining character, Kelly Severide, is left in a difficult position. “Chicago Fire” fans well know his fiancé Stella has been expanding her Girls on Fire Program on the East Coast. However, as Firehouse 51 has been without a permanent Lieutenant on Truck 81, Boden makes one hard decision.

‘Stellaride’ Trouble Abides During ‘Chicago Fire’ Midseason Finale

Wednesday night’s midseason finale of “Chicago Fire” saw closure on a lot of storylines and subplots. Gallo officially broke up with girlfriend Kara, and WinterFest has concluded. Additionally, Sylvie Brett’s paramedicine program saw approval with major support from Field Chief Hawkins. Meanwhile, the storyline surrounding Severide and Stella’s relationship remains open-ended.

Finally, in the last few moments of “Chicago Fire’s” midseason finale, Stella made her long-awaited return. However, the pile of luggage we glimpsed behind her doesn’t exactly reveal whether the character has returned to Chicago to stay, or plans to permanently leave.

After weeks of near-silence, Severide appears shocked to find his fiancé standing in their living room. Though in typical Severide fashion, his face remains almost unreadable. Further, Stella’s bland, “Hi Kelly,” provides little insight as to the state of the couple’s relationship.

That said, Boden officially awarded “Chicago Fire’s” newest addition, Lieutenant Jason Pelham, the open position on Truck 81. While the situation has little to do with the character’s relationship, it does close one door regarding Stella’s reasons to stay.

To find out where Severide and Stella head from here, tune back into NBC just after the New Year on Wednesday, January 5th at 9 p.m. ET.