‘Chicago Fire’ Star Brett Dalton Takes in a New York Sunset

by Leanne Stahulak

“Chicago Fire” star Brett Dalton teased a new upcoming role taking place in New York City when he posted a gorgeous sunset photo.

Back in November, Dalton joined the “Chicago Fire” gang as Lt. Jason Pelham, taking over for Jesse Spencer’s Matt Casey. Dalton signed on as a recurring cast member for the show, meaning we could easily see him again next season.

But that all depends on the “Chicago Fire” star’s new role that he hinted at in a recent Instagram post. Dalton posted a stunning picture of the sunset over New York City, featuring several skyscrapers and water in the foreground.

“Yes this is real. Yes I was in NY. And hell yeah, you’ll see why on your TV soon. Fine, I’ll say it. I [heart] NY,” the “Chicago Fire” star captioned the post.

If we’re seeing it on our TV screens soon, then that means that Dalton’s moved on to some kind of project. It’s doubtful that the project relates to “Chicago Fire,” since the franchise tends to keep crossovers in Chicago and not out of town.

But Dalton hasn’t announced any new projects in the works. Nor does his IMDb page reflect anything new. He could be starring in a new film or TV series set in the Big Apple.

Since he posted the sunset pic, the “Chicago Fire” star has posted other New York cites. We see a photo of some Chinese New Year decorations as well as Dalto standing next to a Mini Cooper. could either of these be clues as to why Dalton’s spending time in New York? Or is he just sightseeing? We’ll have to wait for confirmation from the man himself.

‘Chicago Fire’ Star Brett Dalton Celebrates His Daughter’s Birthday

Before his trip to New York, “Chicago Fire” star Brett Dalton celebrated his little daughter Sylvia’s birthday. The photo he posted is clearly a throwback to Sylvia’s younger days, as she sits on his shoulders and wraps her tiny hands around his forehead.

“Somehow, this little person is 10 now,” Dalton wrote in his caption. “Seems like just yesterday these shoulders were her favorite seat in the house. And now she’s double digits and my heart can barely take it.”

He continued, “I’ve heard parenting is a never-ending process of letting go. But maybe, just maybe, she’ll want another ride on these shoulders before dad is old and grey. Happy birthday to my sweetest snail.”

Does anyone else need a tissue?

The “Chicago Fire” star clearly learned that time moves too fast sometimes. Check out the adorable daddy-daughter duo below.