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‘Chicago Fire’ Star Christian Stolte Thinks Writers Have Tried to Make Mouch More Like Him

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

Days after the 200th episode of his hit series Chicago Fire aired, Christian Stolte, revealed why he believes the hit series’ writers have tried to make his character Mouch more like him.

The Chicago Fire star chatting with KGET about how similar he and his onscreen persona are.

“The role only gets more and more comfortable. The writers keep finding ways to explore new facets of this cat and I am constantly amazed at what they pull out of their hats.”

Stolte also further explained that when actors audition for a role, they are trying to be that role. “Once you have been that guy for a season or two, they start writing that guy to be more like you,” the Chicago Fire castmate continued. He then shared that the actor becomes a “toy” that writers get to play with.

“It’s rewarding for me and I hope it is rewarding for [the writers],” the Chicago Fire star went on to add.

Christian Stolte Describes The Positives and Negatives of His Role on ‘Chicago Fire’ 

While continuing to chat with KGET, Christian Stolte spoke about his Chicago Fire role and why he believes that it is good from a stability standpoint, but bad from an acting perspective. 

“That’s the entire push-pull of the whole situation,” Stolte explained. “After 10 seasons, the level of comfort I have with the people I work with on our sets and on locations. It will be hard for me to ever have that feeling again.”

The Chicago Fire cast member does stress that he is not complaining about how his job on the hit series. Or if the series is limiting his acting roles. However, The actor did admit he has an impulse to go play a “cowboy.”

“I want to play a member of a motorcycle gang,” Stolte shared. He also talks about how he just turned 59 so I am aging out of certain roles. “By the time I wrap this show it will strictly be grandpa roles for me.”

He also spoke about his castmates and why it’s so hard for anyone to depart from the show. 

“We hang out together constantly,” Stolte stated about the other Chicago Fire castmates. “We know each other, as well as I, know anyone else in my life. They are just the best group of people. When somebody has to go, it is heartbreaking.”

While discussing his relationship with other cast members, Stolte revealed about how his Chicago Fire co-star Kara Killmer (who plays Sylvie Brett) is responsible for creating another storyline between her character and Mouch.

“She and really enjoy working together. We just wanted a storyline where we work together again. Kara would go to the writers and say she wanted another storyline with Mouch. She said it enough times where they finally listened.”