‘Chicago Fire’ Star Hanako Greensmith Opens Up About Violet and Hawkins’ Relationship

by Shelby Scott

When “Chicago Fire” last aired, romance was blossoming as our officers and paramedic Violet Mikami took to the annual gala. And now, weeks later, Violet’s actress Hanako Greensmith opened up about her and Paramedic Field Chief Hawkins’ new relationship.

The last we saw the paramedics, Violet and Chief Hawkins shared a steamy kiss at the officers’ gala. The romantic scene finally gave viewers the satisfaction of that first exciting step toward a relationship.

Now, with TV Insider, the actress not only spoke to what we can expect from the couple’s complicated relationship. She also provided insight on Violet’s ex, fireman Blake Gallo, and his own jealousy as the two paramedics grow closer.

Violet and Hawkins Struggle to Keep Things Professional

As we’ve seen since Hawkins joined “Chicago Fire,” both he and Violet are deeply concerned about how they are viewed within the CFD. Hawkins is the new guy in town. Therefore, he needs, and wants, to make a good impression on his veteran colleagues. And obviously, as the junior paramedic on Ambo 61, Violet does all she can to maintain her image not only within the CFD but also among her friends at 51.

That said, Greensmith shared that both characters will struggle to maintain their responsibilities while navigating their romantic feelings.

In speaking to Violet’s attraction to Hawkins versus her previous attraction to Gallo, the “Chicago Fire” actress shared, “What I think is so funny is Gallo is so entirely different from Hawkins, and maybe that’s what[,] right now[,] Violet is attracted to.”

She further explained, “I think she needs something super different from what Gallo can offer, someone who is emotionally available and who is unafraid to show that they have attraction and feelings for her.”

Likely, Greensmith is referring to earlier episodes of season 10 prior to Hawkins’ arrival. At the time, Gallo was constantly flip-flopping between his feelings for Violet and his feelings for his former girlfriend, Kara.

The “Chicago Fire” star continued, “it’s less of a game and more of a journey [with Hawkins].”

Violet Will Shine in Upcoming ‘Chicago Fire’ Episode

As one of “Chicago Fire’s” youngest characters, Violet has a lot to learn while riding with Brett aboard Ambulance 61. That said, she obviously possesses a lot of talent, drive, and passion for her profession. However, in speaking with TV Insider, she revealed that, soon, fans will truly get to see the character shine.

While recalling the most memorable rescues from season 10, Greensmith gave us insight as to what we can expect from Violet in upcoming episodes.

“[Y]ou are going to see a different kind of ambo incident later on in the season, which sheds light a little bit more on Violet’s particular specific talent which,” she said, “was a great deal of fun to shoot.”

Be sure to check back here for the latest updates on all of Violet’s upcoming adventures on “Chicago Fire.”