‘Chicago Fire’ Star Hanako Greensmith Reveals Most Memorable Thing About Filming

by Anna Dunn

Chicago Fire star Hanako Greensmith has really stepped into the limelight this season. The actress, who plays Violet Mikami, has now been on the hit Dick Wolf created series since 2020. And while she’s still a relative newbie, it feels like she’s stolen the show.

Here’s what Greensmith says is the most memorable thing about filming for this season of Chicago Fire. Greensmith sat down with TV Insider to discuss what’s next for Violet and how she’s liking her role on the hit show. TV Insider mentioned that the baby and roach incidents “have to be up there. ”

“Oh my God, oh, [the roach] was so bad. I will say the baby incident was definitely my favorite this season and definitely the most challenging for me as an actor and as a character, so that was really fulfilling,” she said.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t highlights from episodes later down the line. And it definitely seems… intriguing.

“But you are going to see a different kind of ambo incident later on in the season, which sheds light a little bit more on Violet’s particular specific talent which was a great deal of fun to shoot,” she continued.

Whether this is a talent we know about or not remains unclear. But whatever it is, it sounds like it was loads of fun to shoot.

What to Expect When ‘Chicago Fire’ Returns

Chicago Fire is set to return tonight. So what can you expect as the show finally comes back after Hiatus?

First, we’ll obviously see more of the romantic developments between Mikami and Hawkins. That seems like a given after their kiss at the Gala.

And tonight’s episode, Fire Cop, also sees Severide and Seager team up.

“Severide and Seager team up to investigate a fire at the home of a troubled young woman. Pelham moves into 51’s rumored cursed office. Kylie assists Kidd with Girls on Fire,” the description reads.

It’ll be exciting to see the Severide and Seager team up for sure. Also, the Pelham plotline sounds like tons of fun. Kidd’s been dedicating a ton of her time to Girls on Fire to the point where it almost ruined her relationship with Severide. Hopefully, she’s learned how to better balance that dedication with the help of Kylie.

Brett and Violet will also probably play a huge part in Severide and Seager’s arson investigation. The two are going to have to take some “emotional responsibility” for a young victim.

Chicago Fire returns Tonight, February 23rd, at 9/8 Central on NBC.