‘Chicago Fire’ Star Hanako Greensmith Teases Brett and Violet Are on the Case

by Anna Dunn

Chicago Fire star Hanako Greensmith teased that Brett and Violet are on the case. They’ll work on an arson investigation in the upcoming episode of the hit series. The show follows a group of firefighters operating in Chicago and is from famous executive producer DIck Wolf. It’s coming back after a weeks-long hiatus. The show went on a break while home network NBC aired the Winter Olympic Games.

Fans are really excited to see what’s next for Brett and Violet and their friendship. Star Hanako Greensmith, who plays Violet, explained that Violet and Brett are going to investigate an important arson case.

“You’re going to see Violet and Brett take on a bit of a more emotional responsibility toward a younger victim and seek salvation for her in some way. It’s a really nice storyline. To see Brett and Violet coming together to support a young woman,” she said in an interview with TV Insider.

The rest of the Chicago Fire season will also see Brett and Violet bond over some tough calls. They respond to a lot of those together. And they’ll actually get into some conflict as well.

“Brett and Violet go through some relatively unpleasant calls in more ways than one, as per usual. And you’re going to see them bond over some of those difficulties and obstacles they have to go through. Also you’re going to see them, for the first time, have a little bit of conflict, which I think is really important to the growth of their characters and their relationship together,” Greensmith explained.

“There’s bound to be a moment where things aren’t always perfect, and so I think it’s a really great moment where you get to see Brett and Violet be honest with each other and also, therefore, come closer together because of that honesty,” she continued.

Violet’s Had Quite the Romantic Arc on This Season of ‘Chicago Fire’

This season of Chicago Fire has seen violet in quite the romantic arc. Most recently, she and Chief Hawkins shared a kiss. Greensmith feels like they have some seriously undeniable chemistry, but it’s not necessarily going to be easy for the two. Due to their difference in rank, they’re going to have to sneak around.

There’s also her ex, Blake Gallo. They have quite a complicated relationship, and needless to say, if Gallo found out, he would not be happy about this news. But Greensmith also noted how exciting it’ll be for Violet to be with someone whose actually emotionally available and can provide a dynamic that’s more healthy.

If you want to see what’s next for Violet and Hawkins, you don’t have much longer to wait. The next episode of Chicago Fire airs today at 9/8 central on NBC following an all new episode of Chicago Med.