‘Chicago Fire’ Star Taylor Kinney Sends Fans Into Frenzy With ‘Cryptic’ Season 10 Pic

by Shelby Scott

NBC’s hit show, “Chicago Fire,” is never one to disappoint in closing out cliffhangers. However, season 9’s finale left fans reeling. Nevertheless, Firehouse 51’s Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) recently shared a cryptic post hinting his time on the show hasn’t seen its end.

The season 9 finale of “Chicago Fire” saw the firehouse squad trapped beneath a capsized boat. The group’s air tanks were empty and they had no way to escape. The squad includes Lieutenant Kelly Severide with friend and partner Joe Cruz as the second. In addition, the pair is joined by squad members, Harold Capp and Tony Ferraris.

According to a Digital Spy article, Severide’s (Kinney’s) future on “Chicago Fire” has been uncertain lately. Apparently, the actor’s contract was up following season 9 and he’d made no mention of a renewal. However, the star’s August 19 post, simply captioned “Good times #squad3 #Chicagofire,” hints that perhaps fans will indeed get more of Kelly Severide in the new season.

Additionally, the article said that “Chicago Fire”‘s Stella Kidd actress, Miranda Rae Mayo, previously shared an Instagram story tagging Taylor Kinney. She captioned it, “This is our lives.” The post itself portrayed a throwback set photo indicating the romance between the two’s characters.

Additionally, “Chicago Fire” released a casting call for extras during an episode’s baby shower. Fans presume the shower is for Joe Cruz and his wife as they were expecting a baby at the end of season 9.

For hopeful fans, the three separate posts suggest the squad’s time on the show isn’t over. Hopefully, then, the ever-dependable Kelly Severide finds a way out of the mess for himself and his crewmates.

‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10 Will Reveal More Than the Outcome of the Squad’s Entrapment

Fans are eager for the season 10 premiere of “Chicago Fire.” However, it isn’t only because some of our favorite characters possibly face death by drowning and we need to know how it ends.

Therefore, the boat scene is absolutely critical to the plotline of the show. This is especially true as the firehouse receives the dangerous call following Severide’s strangely romantic proposal to Kidd. (Be sure to check out that episode before the “Chicago Fire” season 10 premiere).

However, the finale also provides a brief moment of satisfactory clarification as Sylvie Brett finally expresses her love for Captain Matt Casey. She clearly specifies her thoughts while standing outside the firehouse as Casey listens intently to what she says. The episode ends as Brett and Casey share a romantic kiss. They then seemingly return from a romantic dinner out to spend the night tangled up in bed.

The seasons-long build on the relationship was frustrating. Brett and Casey danced around each other episode after episode, trying to figure out what the other wants and needs. Nevertheless, season 10 promises some new problems, special moments, and, of course, drama as Brett and Casey figure out the future of their relationship. Additionally, we finally get to know whether or not Stella Kidd will actually marry Kelly Severide, should the fireman survive his aquatic ordeal.