‘Chicago Fire’ Star Has ‘Tried’ to Write a TV Episode But ‘Failed’ Many Times

by Shelby Scott

“Chicago Fire” fans are accustomed to seeing our fictional firefighters on the front lines in the midst of the worst blazes over on NBC. However, some of those firefighters have also tried their hand at writing “Chicago Fire” episodes as well.

Now, in a recent interview, one “Chicago Fire” star, Joe Minoso, revealed he’d tried his own hand at writing an episode for the NBC show. Unfortunately, though, he failed several times.

The topic came up as actor Joe Minoso spoke with Starry Constellation Magazine about some of his character highlights. In touching on some of the most important conclusions following the season nine finale, interviewer Jamie Steinberg commended the actor and his costars. She stated as each season just seems to go “up and up.”

“I don’t know how they do it, man,” Minoso responded, referring to show writers and producers. The “Chicago Fire” actor continued, “I’ve tried to write an episode of television and failed, miserably, on many, many occasions.”

No sweat Joe, we can’t all be NBC star firefighting writers.

Of the “Chicago Fire” writing team, however, the actor said, “The fact these incredible writers and producers have been able to come up with 200[+] hours of television…is unbelievable. Really, the testament goes to them.”

Will ‘Chicago Fire’ See Another Major Character Departure?

Longtime fans of “Chicago Fire” remain heartbroken following the abrupt departure of headlining character, Captain Matt Casey. Casey’s departure during the 200th episode was especially difficult. It came in the middle of another fan-favorite character’s absence, Stella Kidd.

Now there’s no doubt we miss Stella. However, while she’s been largely absent this season, it appears we may not have her on “Chicago Fire” much longer. During an interview in May, Miranda Rae Mayo, hinted that, soon enough, her character might depart “Chicago Fire” as well.

Mayo’s character has recently become a lieutenant. Therefore, it’s reasonable Chief Boden and Firehouse 51 would want to relocate Kidd should a position open somewhere else. Further, “Chicago Fire” has recently revealed the recurring nature of the hit show’s newest character, Lieutenant Jason Pelham. As the new interim lieutenant, the role on Truck 81 has been filled for now.

Does that signify Stella’s eventual departure? Perhaps.

After all, during her interview, she stated, “There’s just part of this industry…that I think it’s healthy and good to practice detachment by really embracing the impermanent nature of life…you always gotta be ready for what might happen.”

Nevertheless, showrunners have promised Stella Kidd will make a return to “Chicago Fire” before the calender year is over. So as November already heads into its second week, Outsiders hope to see the character return very soon.