‘Chicago Fire’ Stars Reunite for New Dark Comedy

by Madison Miller

Not only was “Chicago Fire” the spark that ignited two other “One Chicago” shows, but it has also led to other projects for many of the talented actors that appeared on the series.

It seems as if Miranda Rae Mayo and Yuriy Sardarov left Chicago Firehouse 51 with a bond that extended beyond the walls of “Chicago Fire.” The two are now going to star together in a dark comedy called “Daddy.”

New Role for Two ‘Chicago Fire’ Stars

The movie is written by Neal Kelley and Jono Sherman and will start production next week.

For reference, Mayo plays firefighter Stella Kidd on the show since 2016. She has not been around much during season 10 of “Chicago Fire.” During season nine, we learned that she finally passed her exam to become a lieutenant.

The problem is that the lieutenant position is filled at Firehouse 51, which means she may transfer.

Besides playing Stella, Mayo has also appeared in other “One Chicago” shows as well as “Blood & Oil,” “The Game,” “Pretty Little Liars,” and “True Detective.”

Her presence on the show is followed by a large question mark. As for Sardarov, he was killed off the show during season eight. His character gets periodically mentioned by others on occasion. Some of Sardarov’s other roles include appearances in “Chicago Med” and “Chicago P.D.” as well as films like “The Ides of March” and “Argo.”

According to Deadline, the duo’s new film is set in a dystopian society. Citizens must follow the alarming guidelines in which the government controls who is allowed to father children. Four men show up in the remote mountains of California where they must prove themselves to be capable fathers.

Miranda Rae Mayo and Yuriy Sardarov Bond

Yuriy Sardarov’s character was a fan-favorite on “Chicago Fire.”

He could seamlessly transition from dramatic moments to comedic moments of relief.

Sardarov spoke to the Chicago Tribune about his exit from the popular program. He was asked if he watched the season premiere of the ninth season. It was right after he was killed off and the other characters were coping with his sudden death.

Luckily, he had Miranda Rae Mayo to sit down and watch with him.

“I did, I watched it with my younger brother Nick, who goes to DePaul, Madeleine, and Miranda Rae Mayo, who plays Kidd — she’s like my sister — so we all sat on the couch and watched. And it was difficult. But I’m so glad with how they handled it,” he said.

Sardarov got the role when he was only 23 and played his character until he was 31. He also happens to have several ties to Chicago, which made his time on “Chicago Fire” that much more special.