‘Chicago Fire’: Stella Actor Miranda Rae Mayo May Be Leaving Show But Isn’t ‘Ready’ to Say Goodbye

by Samantha Whidden

Although she may be departing from Chicago Fire at the end of 2021, Miranda Rae Mayo admits that she isn’t quite ready to say goodbye to the hit series just yet.

During her recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Chicago Fire star discussed whether her character, Stella Kidd, is on her way to becoming a lieutenant at a new firehouse. “Fingers crossed,” Mayo declared. “I’m not ready [to say goodbye to Stella].”

The Chicago Fire actress further explained that while she’s not ready to say goodbye, she believes it’s healthy and good to practice detachment by really embracing the impermanent nature of life. “And how everything changes and everything grows. So, no matter what happens, this has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life.”

When asked about a potential engagement between her Chicago Fire character and Taylor Kinney’s Severide, Mayo said everyone will just have to see what happens.

“But I think that will be some delicious content to jump into,” Mayo declared. The actress then said she thinks the two characters have a perspective unlike most people because they deal with death a lot. “I think that’s a very strong foundation and I think that’s a very strong foundation. I think they can work through almost anything.”

In regards to what kind of wedding she could see the Chicago Fire characters having, Mayo added she doesn’t see the event being very big. “I see it being on a boat. Or, I don’t know, them being in the midst of planning and then being like, ‘Screw it!’ And going to city hall.”

Miranda Rae Mayo Reveals the Hypothetical Note For Her ‘Chicago Fire’ Character

While continuing to chat with Entertainment Weekly, Miranda Rae Mayo shared with the media outlet the hypothetical note she wants to give to her Chicago Fire character. “Dear Stella, it has been magnificent watching you discover your power and the effect that you have on people,” Mayo declared. She also writes about the love that Stella is capable of and the magic that the character is. 

“You have forever changed me,” the Chicago Fire castmate continued, “And my life will never be the same because of you and all that you’ve brought out in me.”

Miranda Rae Mayo goes on to add that she loves the Chicago Fire character and will carry Stella with her whenever she goes.

Along with Mayo, Jesse Spencer recently left Chicago Fire after starring on the hit series since its first season. As previously reported, Spencer’s character Matthew Casey made the decision to move to Oregon with a three-year commitment. Spence recently shared that while the decision to leave Chicago Fire was difficult, he admitted that it was the right time to leave.

“When the time comes. The time comes.”