‘Chicago Fire’: Stella Kidd Actor Miranda Rae Mayo Notably Absent from Fall Finale Pictures

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Paul R. Giunta/WireImage)

Tomorrow night finally debuts the long-awaited midseason finale of “Chicago Fire.” As such, fans are left worrying about the status of Stella Kidd and whether this episode marks her last on the hit show. Many have pointed out ahead of the brand new episode that Stella is notably absent from fall finale photos. That is despite executive producer Derek Haas’s promise that Stella would return to screens prior to the New Year.

Rumor surrounding Stella actress Miranda Rae Mayo’s departure have been circulating throughout much of “Chicago Fire’s” season 10. Fans initially thought Stella would remain in Boston for an episode or two. However, we haven’t seen nor heard from the new lieutenant since right after Squad 3’s daunting boat rescue at the very beginning of the season.

According to the One Chicago Center, despite Haas’s promise, Stella’s absence from the midseason finale photos have fans worried the character’s return has further seen delays.

Fortunately, however, the outlet believes Haas will remain true to his word. One Chicago Center explains her laabsence from the preview images as a method for showrunners to avoid spoilers. These might regard how and when Stella will return in addition to what things have changed between her and Severide.

After all, the midseason finale marks the last new episode of “Chicago Fire” before the end of this calendar year, which is when Haas stated Stella would return. Hopefully, we can look forward to seeing more of the character during the NBC show’s winter premiere too.

Another “Chicago Fire” Favorite Returns Wednesday Night

Fans are sure to rejoice in seeing Lt. Stella Kidd return to Chicago after her season-long absence. Further, there’s no doubt we’ve missed the courageous, devoted, and fiery firefighter. However, we can also look forward to the return of another lovable character Wednesday night.

Remember Ritter’s Dalmatian pup Tuesday, who last appeared in season eight of “Chicago Fire?” Well, after nearly two years of COVID-19 restrictions, the spirited pup also returns to “Chicago Fire” ahead of the holidays. Photos from the preview capture Tuesday showing Gallo love as he and his friends share down time in between calls. Check it out.

Gallo and the rest of the young “Chicago Fire” firehouse members obviously enjoy time spent with their mascot pup. However, images also show Tuesday reuniting with another fan-favorite character.

“Chicago Fire’s” long-standing cast member Christian Stolte, who plays senior fireman Randall “Mouch” McHolland, also features alongside Tuesday in the hit show’s new photos.

At first, Mouch remains apprehensive about the dog’s arrival after Tuesday attempted to steal “Mouch’s spot” on the common room’s couch. However, the fireman grudgingly came to adore Tuesday and we love to see the unique pair side by side again.

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