‘Chicago Fire’: Stella And Severide May Face Tension in Upcoming Episode

by Lauren Boisvert

“Chicago Fire” favorites Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide finally seem like they’re back on track after a rocky few months. During the time when Stella was away, promoting her program, she didn’t call Severide at all or answer when Boden called her back to take Casey’s place. She cut herself off from her team and was afraid of commitment in her relationship.

But, now it seems like Stella and Severide are back on solid ground with each other. They were all over each other at the Gala, plus Severide even finally gave her the engagement ring he promised. It was a romantic moment that they both deserved. And, they seem happy.

But, as we all know, “Chicago Fire” likes to stir the pot a little. Stella and Severida could be headed for rough waters in their relationship.

Wendy Seager is coming back; she definitely had a thing for Severide while Stella was gone, but it didn’t go beyond a crush. The next episode, “Fire Cop,” will see Severide working with the Office of Fire Investigation again. That means, Wendy. Is she going to back off if she finds out Stella and Severide are serious about tying the knot? Or is she going to push Severide, trying to get him to break? If Severide is serious about Stella, he needs to lay down the law with Wendy if she tries anything.

At this point, Stella doesn’t even know that Wendy has a thing for Severide. We’re so worried about what Severide is going to do, but what if Stella finds out first? We’re going to be watching this episode extra close when it airs; there’s so much at stake for Stella and Severide, we need to know if they’re really serious about being together. This seems like the ultimate test of that.

‘Chicago Fire’: Why Casey and Dawson Didn’t Work Out

Another “Chicago Fire” relationship went through a test, and didn’t come out on the other side of it. Casey and Dawson were married in season 5, with plans to adopt a child after they lost their baby. But, the marriage didn’t last, and Dawson decided to go to Puerto Rico instead of staying in Chicago.

But what really led up to their break-up? There was the miscarriage, of course. That certainly didn’t help things. Although that was no one’s fault, it still hit the couple hard. Then, Dawson found out that carrying her own child could result in her death. So, now they can’t have their own kids. Another hard hit.

They planned to adopt a child, so they married, but their bliss didn’t last long. The child’s biological father swept in and gained custody. Casey and Dawson had to give up their only chance to have kids. The two drifted apart after that, and divorced when Dawson got the opportunity to head up hurricane relief in Puerto Rico.

Here’s hoping Stella and Severide’s relationship doesn’t go the way of Casey and Dawson’s. We have high hopes for the two, after all.