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‘Chicago Fire’: Sylvie Brett is a Chaotic Character and Actor Kara Killmer Loves That

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

She has been portraying the role of Sylvie Brett in Chicago Fire since 2014, but what does Kara Killmer actually think about her popular character?

During her 2020 interview with Tell-Tale, Killmer opens up about her Chicago Fire persona.

“One of the things that I really like about Sylvia is that she gets to go back and forth between being kind of silly and like, charmingly neurotic and adorkable with some of the comedic stuff.”

Killmer then stated that the Chicago Fire character is also able to switch into a “mode” that can reveal her professional serious side. “The kind of mindset you have to be in if you’re in a job where literally lives are at stake.”

The actress then stated that she thinks as a paramedic, the Chicago Fire character has found her footing. “She came in pretty green, coming from Fowlerton where it was basically just car accidents and cats stuck up in trees. Everything under the sun happens in Chicago.”

In regards to Sylvie’s future, the Chicago Fire star believes that the character has really moved into her authority. The character has taken on responsibility as well.  She also has had a lot of partners on Ambulance 61, which according to Killmer is relatable for real paramedics. 

“That’s real. In real life, it’s not common to have the same partner for a decade. Real paramedics work with a lot of different partners on regular basis.”

Kara Killmer Reveals Some Changes to Her ‘Chicago Fire’ Character’s Approach to Her Personal Life 

While also chatting with Tell-Tale, Kara Killmer spoke about how her Chicago Fire character is going to approach her personal life differently in some ways. “Something I’m glad that she’s never lost is she does believe the best in people and she is pretty resilient,” Killmer explained. The actress further notes that Sylvie does “wax optimistic” most of the time.

Killmer does admit that Sylvie had been unlucky when it comes to love and the character is willing to set aside her own needs to make love happen.

“And then it doesn’t work out. I think she has a sneaking suspicion that she’s just not lovable and it’s never going to work for her.”

When discussing the relationship between Sylvie and her birth mother, Killmer is wary of where the relationship will go. Especially after her little sister’s birth.

“First of all, I love children. I love babies. I have 16 nieces and nephews. So I’m all for spending time with babies and whatnot,” Killmer declared. She also stated that she thinks the writers did want that to be a huge part of Sylvie’s life. 

“And I think [the writers] would like for that to still be a big part of her storyline. But we are in the middle of a pandemic.”