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‘Chicago Fire’: Sylvie Brett Actor Kara Killmer Revealed Character That Was Always Going to Be Killed Off

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Chelsea Lauren/FilmMagic)

Often in television shows, characters are killed off unexpectedly and even the writers hadn’t originally intended to do it. However, in the case of a certain Chicago Fire character, Sylvie Brett actor Kara Killmer reports she was always going to die.

Sitting down with Tell-Tale last year, Kara Killmer spoke at length about the show and her character. When the subject got to Sylvie Brett meeting her birth mom, Julie, and her sister, Killmer revealed Julie was always fated to die. She noted despite getting along so well, it was always the plan to kill her off.

“Ultimately it was really about Casey and Brett getting closer,” Killmer disclosed. “And so, hopefully, there will still be a lot of joy to kind of be derived out of her relationship with her baby sister, as soon as we’re able to shoot safely with kids and stuff.”

Killmer then talked about getting along with Kelly Deadmon, the woman who played Julie, as well as her onscreen sister. “I so want to play with a little sister as soon as possible. And I think that’s so Sylvie, too. I think she’s totally got the big sister or like, mommy vibe about her. It was such a gut-punch losing her birth mom. And Kelly Deadmon, who played Julie, was so wonderful. “

Continuing, she praised the actor, saying no one could have played Julie better. The two got along so well they got and even spent Valentine’s Day together. Killmer says they “had ourselves a grand time.” Naturally, when Deadmon’s character was killed off, she wasn’t happy because they two had become such good friends.

Kara Killmer Loves Sylvie Brett is a Dynamic Character

In the same Tell-Tale interview, Kara Killmer talked at length about her character on Chicago Fire. Apparently, one of her favorite aspects of the character is how dynamic she can be.

Sylvie Brett is brimming with personality and Killmer is a huge fan of it. Noting how quickly her persona can change, she enjoys how flexible Sylvie is. “One of the things that I really like about Sylvia is that she gets to go back and forth between being kind of silly and like, charmingly neurotic and adorkable with some of the comedic stuff.”

More than that, Brett can change her outlook on a dime, which is a crucial skill being in her line of work. “The kind of mindset you have to be in if you’re in a job where literally lives are at stake.” She goes on to say her character may have been green at the beginning of the series but adapted well and fits right in. Additionally, the job helped her become more responsible to the point Killmer thinks her character would thrive with kids.