‘Chicago Fire’ Star Taylor Kinney Says Childhood Crush Was ‘Married With Children’ Star Katey Sagal

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images)

Chicago Fire heartthrob Taylor Kinney had a few Hollywood crushes growing up. But in a recent interview, he admitted that one crush “takes the cake”—Peggy Bundy.

For those of you who don’t know, Peggy Bundy was the wife of Al Bundy in the infamous 1990’s sitcom Married with Children. Peggy was played by the Sons of Anarchy actress Katey Sagal. And Sagal fit the role perfectly. In the series, Peggy and Al shared a less-than-ideal marriage. And a younger Taylor Kinney couldn’t understand why Al didn’t appreciate his buxom redheaded wife.

So in an interview with the hosts of The Talk, Kinney said that Al should have treated his wife better. And Taylor Kinney admitted that he would have loved Peggy the way she deserved to be loved.

The actor said that he “grew up on Married with Children.” And he thought Al was nuts for acting like being married to Peg was “taxing” or “like a job.”

So while the Chicago Fire star watched the show, he’d think to himself, “man, I wish I was Al.”

Kinney admitted that he wasn’t interested in selling shoes all day. But he would have loved to be with Peggy all night.

‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunner Reveals His Favorite Episode So Far

Chicago fire debuted in 2012 and has enjoyed 11 highly successful seasons. As of tonight, the series has aired 200 episodes, which is an impressive feat. And showrunner Derek Hass told TVLine that he has no plans of ending the series in the near future.

“I said to my own family, ‘As long as the audience keeps watching, we’ll keep making them’… It is mind-blowing that we still have these longtime, faithful watchers, plus a few new ones,” he said. “So it feels like there’s an appetite for it.”

And despite the fact that there have been so many dramatic and perfectly written episodes over the years, Hass has a favorite. It is the season seven closer titled I’m Not Leaving You.

The storyline followed an old arson case. And as Benny finds new information about the cause of the fire, chaos breaks out in the city. What Haas loved most about that particular show was how well the producers organized and depicted said chaos.

“Every now and then, we do these gigantic finales where people are in jeopardy, but that one seemed like it was our biggest we’d ever done,” Haas says. “It was at a mattress factory, and they were down in the basement. There was a giant boiler on fire. Everybody was kind of in different places, and I just remember, wow, that was a huge, huge production.”