‘Chicago Fire’: Taylor Kinney and David Eigenberg Starred Together in a Lifetime Movie

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Who knew that Chicago Fire stars Taylor Kinney and David Eigenberg also starred together in a Lifetime movie?! Kinney plays Lieutenant Kelly Severide while Eigenberg plays Christopher Herrmann in Chicago Fire. But they also worked together on a lifetime movie in 2011 called Five.

Five is an Anthology Film about breast cancer. Patricia Clarkson and Rosario Dawson also have substantial roles in the film. Patty Jenkins, who directed Wonder Woman even directed a segment of the film.

Eigenberg and Kinney appear together in the segment called Cheyenne, which follows an “exotic dancer who can’t bear the thought of a vasectomy.”

The star of Cheyenne, Lindsey Fonesca, even noted that there’s a scene with Eigenberg that just blew her away.

“It’s just such a moving story, and Taylor is so good … There’s one scene that he has with David Eigenberg and he just breaks down crying in the car parking lot. I was watching it being filmed and I started crying too. I walked to him and was like, ‘It’s OK!'” she said.

David Eigenberg has Had Two Roles that are Very Similar

David Eigenberg had a very similar role to the one he plays now on Chicago Fire. The Herrmann actor also played Steve Brady in Sex and the City. They’re both hardcore New Yorkers AND bar owners.

“There’s something about my personality about that bartending thing,” Eigenberg said in an Entertainment Weekly interview. “I find it weird because I’ve been sober for 34 years.”

Eigenberg attributes getting roles like this with his personality, which sounds like it’s unique.

“I don’t even know how to make a cosmopolitan. But if anyone needs me to pour some draft beer or a glass of wine, I’m your guy,” the actor joked. “I kind of know what goes into a screwdriver but I’m not really sure.”

Here’s When The Next ‘Chicago Fire’ Episode Airs

Chicago Fire, along with the other shows in the One Chicago series, is on a hiatus. That’s because the show airs on NBC, which is currently playing host to the 2022 Winter Olympics. You can watch old episodes of Chicago Fire on Paramount + in the meantime, but thankfully, the hiatus is almost over. The show will come back next week.

The next episode of Chicago Fire will air on February 23 at 9/8 central. When the show returns, it’ll follow an episode where Seager and Severide opt to team up to investigate a fire at the home of a troubled young woman. Meanwhile, Kylie will assist Kidd with Girls on Fire. The episode will also see some hijinks as Pelham moves into the 51st’s rumored cursed office.