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‘Chicago Fire’ Star Taylor Kinney Explains How His Appreciation for Firefighters Grew While on Show

by John Jamison
(Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)

Kelly Severide actor Taylor Kinney has appeared in 200 episodes of Chicago Fire since the show began in 2012. That number ties him for the most featured character in the series. Jesse Spencer, Christian Stolte, and Eamonn all share that 200 episode mark. They all also portray firefighters in the series. And all of them have gained a new appreciation for the type of men and women they’re depicting.

Not everyone is cut out to be a first responder. It requires a level of selflessness that many don’t possess, especially when it comes to firefighting. The situations depicted on Chicago Fire are dramatized, but running into a burning building is high enough drama in itself.

Taylor Kinney has been portraying one of these firefighters for nearly a decade. Even with all that time, his appreciation for the real people continues to grow.

“I think your appreciation grows for … whether it be first responders or police officers, or what have you. … These guys are in the guts of this stuff. Hats off to all the first responders. … They’re making a living putting themselves in precarious positions. For me to do be able to do what I do, and do my best to tell the story, I feel really fortunate,” Kinney told Lancaster Online.

Thanks to Chief Wallace Boden actor Eamonn Walker, we know that the Chicago Fire cast and crew has been fortunate enough to work with a consultant who spent 35 years fighting fires in Chicago. Having that consistent perspective keeps the show grounded and puts the actors in proximity with someone who has lived the things they’re playing on the screen.

‘Chicago Fire’ Star Taylor Kinney’s On-Screen Relationship with

After nearly 10 years with Chicago Fire, Matthew Casey actor Jesse Spencer decided it was time to move on. The most recent episode, which marked the series 200th, saw the Matt Casey character make his exit. He was called away to Oregon to help the family of a dear friend.

In moving, Jesse Spencer’s character left behind another dear friend. Years of camaraderie shared by Taylor Kinney and Spencer’s characters came to an end. And while they weren’t always good at expressing their emotions, the moment was still tough to handle.

“These two aren’t the best at talking about their feelings … They’re not very long-winded verbally (laughs), but the gesture is always there. It could be as simple as ‘hey Casey, if you don’t have a place to stay, you can stay with me.’ You see them evolve and become more mature in their relationship as co-workers and friends. They’re like brothers,” Kinney told cartermatt.com.

Chicago Fire has been renewed for an 11th season, though. So Taylor Kinney’s Kelly Severide will have to go it without Matthew Casey by his side.