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‘Chicago Fire’ Star Taylor Kinney Shares Hilarious Photo of Severide and Boden to Celebrate Thanksgiving

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage)

On Thursday (November 25th), Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney took to Instagram to share a hilarious photo of his TV character Severide and Eamonn Walker’s Boden to celebrate Thanksgiving.

In the social media post, the Chicago Fire castmate declared, “Happy Thanksgiving from Chicago!! Severide and Chief Boden sending love and light! Be kind. Gobble Gobble!”

Both Kinney and Walker have starred on Chicago Fire since the show began on October 10, 2012. The show now has 10 seasons and more than 200 episodes. Starring with Kinney and Walker are Christian Stolte, Joe Minoso, Randy Flagler, David Eigenberg, and Kara Killmer. 

The latest snapshot of Kinney and Walker comes less than a month after Jesse Spencer departed from Chicago Fire.

Taylor Kinney Reflects on Filming the Pilot For ‘Chicago Fire’ 

During a December 2016 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Taylor Kinney took a look back at filming the pilot for Chicago Fire. 

“I remember not having a clue what the hell I was doing,” the Chicago Fire star admitted. He also recalled repelling off of this bridge into the river off of Lake Michigan. “I have this goofy harness, this drysuit on, and all of this gear. And I’m running my dialogue. It just felt so bizarre and silly.”

The actor also remembered chatting with one of the advisors. “I’m like, “All I had to do was get down to the water. Wouldn’t it be quick to run down? Would you do this? It was one of those things that when we first started, you just kind of went with it.”

Kinney then stated that the scene ended up turning out great because he was coming back up before he got into the water. But he noted it was one of those instances where all he had were questions. “I really didn’t know too much about everything that we were doing, the technical aspect of the job and what we were doing. It just felt really, really bizarre and silly.”

Although he loves starring on Chicago Fire, Kinney did admit there are two types of rescues that he doesn’t exactly enjoy filming. “A rescue in Lake Michigan in January stands out as something that I don’t think I would do again. I think I would find some weird ailment.”

When it comes to the second least favorite rescue for him, Kinney added it is when the truck has the ladder going up the fifth story and carrying someone down the ladder.

“That can be a pain in the a—. You have to realize we’re doing that maybe 20 times. That can be exhausting. Carrying someone with all your gear up and down. Hucking yourself for half the day.”