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‘Chicago Fire’ Star Taylor Kinney Perfectly Broke Down Dynamic Between Stella and Severide

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

“Chicago Fire” star Taylor Kinney (Kelly Severide) has exciting things going on this season. Most notable, however, is his character’s unique marriage proposal to fellow firefighter Stella Kidd. As their relationship strengthens, Kinney has provided some of his own thoughts regarding the pair’s relationship dynamics.

Give Me My Remote previously shared a dialogue between the “Chicago Fire” star and reporters regarding the onscreen relationship. Over the last few seasons, Kidd and Severide’s relationship grew more serious and mature. But Kinney shared oftentimes, friction between the two comes as a result of a lack of communication.

An earlier example came along when Kidd had been preparing for the Lieutenant’s exam, endorsed by Chief Boden. However, trouble came when officials higher-ranking within the department attributed Kidd’s success to her relationship with Severide. And as Outsiders know, Severide is a known prodigy within the ranks.

During which, Kinney shared, “I don’t think it’s too dissimilar from things in the past…it’s matter of communication.”

The “Chicago Fire” star shared that often Kelly’s troubles come as a result of him being in his own way. “It’s kind of Stella who [eventually] shakes the tree, and she’s like ‘Snap out of it. What’s wrong with you?'”

That’s one thing we can appreciate about Stella and Kelly’s “Chicago Fire” relationship. They always work through their issues in honest and clear ways, despite the problems they encounter.

The actor further shared his sympathy for the beloved character. “I think [Severide] gets stuck upstairs sometimes where, even if there’s the best of intentions, they usually fall by the wayside…Stella usually helps ground him,” Kinney said.

‘Chicago Fire’ Crew Member Potentially to Conduct Arson Investigation

“Chicago Fire” fans adored the commitment, dedication, and selflessness demonstrated by recent show alum, Jesse Spencer. However, Taylor Kinney’s character Kelly Severide has several notable traits of his own.

Since the show’s airing, Kelly has grown from a hotheaded, hotshot, frequently self-centered individual into the compassionate, observant, and admirable fireman he is now. Additionally, while Casey thrived within Firehouse 51, rapidly earning the title Captain, Severide’s strengths lie elsewhere.

The character demonstrated his not-so-gentle compassionate personality after his fellow squad member, Joe Cruz, suffered major PTSD. After a handful of debilitating episodes on fire calls, Severide relieves Cruz. His hesitant actions potentially put both fellow firemen and rescuees in danger. However, soon enough, Severide reevaluates his reaction to the situation. He and the remaining squad members work with Cruz after shift to build his confidence back to where it was.

Additionally, Severide’s talents often lie outside of Firehouse 51 and Squad 3, previously pursuing a calling as an arson investigator. While the occupation didn’t last long, he still maintains his skills and knowledge of arson overall.

“Chicago Fire’s” 200th episode this last week potentially puts Severide in the middle of an arson investigation once again. The character’s previous supervisor in the department’s arson division approached Kelly following a major fire. After our favorite crew puts out a massive church fire, investigators find the blaze was purposely set, a cat soaked in gasoline and lit on fire, sent into the church to destroy it.

Hopefully next week, we see Severide back in action in arson investigation, embracing one of his more hidden talents.