‘Chicago Fire’ Team Celebrates Team USA in New Video

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)

‘Chicago Fire’ won’t be airing another all-new episode on NBC until later this month due to 2022 Winter Olympics. However, based on the crew’s latest Instagram post, which sees some of our favorite “Chicago Fire” stars celebrating Team USA, they don’t seem to mind sharing their home at NBC with the iconic sports event.

The four-second clip captures some of our favorite “Chicago Fire” actors. Several include Stella Kidd’s Miranda Rae Mayo, Joe Cruz‘s Joe Minoso, and Randy Flagler’s Harold Capp.

Apparently, the cast members are looking for ways to occupy themselves until season 10 picks up again on February 23rd. Outsiders can see a chessboard and a Rubix cube occupying the table in Firehouse 51’s bay. Simultaneously, Flagler sports a 2022 Winter Olympics snuggy.

Meanwhile, “Chicago Fire” fans took to the comments to express their own pride in Team USA and other teams worldwide.

“Go Team USA!” wrote one “Chicago Fire” fan. “I’m not even American but still!”

Numerous other “Chicago Fire” fans shared their enthusiasm for Team USA; others shared even greater enthusiasm for our Firehouse 51 crew.

“Yessss I love you my favorite firefighters,” commented one fan. The next comment read, “Love this show” with a bunch of affectionate emojis.

Others, on the other hand, were dismayed to see one controversial cast member occupying a seat at the table.

‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Unhappy with Wendy Seager Character

The last new episode of “Chicago Fire” aired on Wednesday, January 22nd. It was then we saw Kidd and Severide’s official engagement, our beloved Squad lieutenant re-proposing with a beautiful engagement ring. In classic “Stellaride” style, Kidd simply nodded her head, and affirmed her “Yes,” with a kiss.

Overall, it seems the couple has brought their relationship back from the brink of devastation.

Now, “Chicago Fire” fans can’t wait to see what comes next for “Stellaride.” However, followers of the post were rather upset to see Wendy Seager actress, Andy Allo, occupying a chair at Firehouse 51.

“Why is Seager there?” asked one fan. “Cause trouble no doubt.”

Another simply commented, “go away Seager,” followed by an irritated-looking emoji.

Several other anti-Seager comments appeared beneath the post, showing viewers’ near-total disdain for the character. In the past, the arson investigator has been known to openly flirt with Severide, fully aware of his commitment to Stella. And prior to Severide and Stella’s official engagement, fans weren’t sure whether or not the former would remain faithful to Stella with Seager so open about her affections for Severide.

And unfortunately, for those “Chicago Fire” fans hoping to see Seager’s conclusion on the show, showrunners have promised the character isn’t going anywhere.

Showrunner Derek Haas previously explained how “Chicago Fire” arson investigators, Seager and Van Meter, “love Severide,’ consistently trying to persuade him to switch to the arson unit. Haas said, “that makes it fun for us, to be able to push [Severide] into those stories and pull them back out.”

He hinted season 10 will see more arson-centric episodes, therefore, “[We] haven’t seen the last of Seager.”