‘Chicago Fire’ Unites with Spinoffs in Epic Poster Celebrating Upcoming Season

by Shelby Scott

“One Chicago” fans have impatiently waited all summer for the premieres of their favorite Chicago-based shows, whether that’s “Chicago Fire” or either of its spinoffs. Now, there are just under three weeks until the franchise’s new seasons’ premieres. Further, NBC just dropped the most epic crossover poster on their Instagram. Seemingly, the drop only has fans growing even more impatient.

The top of the poster proclaims, “One Night. One Heart.” Beneath features the cast of the franchise original, “Chicago Fire.” The show’s group frontlines lead characters, Matthew Casey, Kelly Severide, and Chief Boden. On either side of the “Chicago Fire” crew features the overall cast of “Chicago PD” (right) and “Chicago Med” (left).

The Chicago skyline grounds the large “One Chicago” crew, adding depth to the poster. Ribbons of each show’s feature color dominate the background of the poster. Additionally, a large orange “C” encircles the cast of “Chicago Fire.”

Interestingly, the central figure for the “Chicago Fire” cast does not feature the father-like figure, Chief Boden. Instead, the cast’s central figure is Captain Matthew Casey. Could this fact mean that Boden does in fact decide to accept the position of Deputy District Chief? It would mean more chief work and less direct firefighter work. Overall, it takes Boden out of the position he’s so long prided himself on. Should that occur, it makes sense to have Casey as the headlining authority figure for the remainder of the series.

However, only the season premieres promise us any closure. We can only hope things improve for the crews from where things left off last season(s).

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While the “One Chicago” poster is bad*ss in and of itself, it additionally provides more answers for fans than we had before. As far as “Chicago Fire” goes, it appears that Squad members Lieutenant Kelly Severide and his right-hand man Joe Cruz survive their ordeal beneath the capsized boat where they were trapped during the season 9 finale.

Additionally, beloved “Chicago Fire” veterans Randal “Mouch” McHolland and Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann make their return to the show, their faces appearing toward the background of the Firehouse 51 crew.

Regardless of faces apparent or missing, fans went wild in the comments expressing their love for the “One Chicago” franchise and their excitement for the new season premieres.

“This is great news,” fans concurred. “Can’t wait!” wrote others, with followers sharing similar sentiments with a simple, “Finally!!!”

Still, others took notice of Matt Casey’s increased facial hair in the photo, several gushing about the possibility of the Captain with a beard. “Casey with facial hair? Yes please😍”

As far as the other two spinoff series go, fans expressed major disappointment at the missing faces of Nat and April from “Chicago Med.” Burzek fans shared their love at seeing both Officers Burgess and Ruzek on the poster, despite their absence from season premiere sneak peek photos.

With such a dynamic poster to kick off the series’ premieres, we can’t help but grow more impatient waiting to see what the franchise will bring to the screen.