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‘Chicago Fire’: What Does Chief Boden’s Promotion Mean for His Time on the Show?

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)

Chief Boden has been promoted on Chicago Fire, so what does that promotion mean for his time on the show? Some fans worry that this promotion may mean he’s getting written off the hit show entirely. With Matt Casey already having left the firehouse this year, this would be a huge blow.

And it looks like Boden will be accepting the promotion that he was offered at the end of season 9. He initially turned it down and tried to make firehouse 51 his base, but soon realized that would be difficult to do. He now has to relocate to the Chicago Fire Department headquarters.

However, it looks like this isn’t a goodbye. He will make some pretty regular visits to firehouse 51.

“Boden cares deeply for the firefighters of Firehouse 51, but he also knows he can make major improvements to the CFD. He’ll balance the two,” showrunner Derek Haas told TV Line in September. Hopefully, this will remain true even as he heads there more full-time.

Fans Also Worry Hermann Actor David Eigenberg is About to Leave

Chicago Fire fans have also wondered about the future of Hermann actor David Eigenberg. Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann has been considered a seriously comforting figure throughout the course of the show. So why the worry?

Well, since it looks like things may change with Boden, fans are looking at comments Eigenberg made to Monsters and Critics.

“We’re all getting up there in age and opportunity comes by, and (Boden) leaves me… And I’m hurt, and I get a little, well you’re gonna see what happens between us. He’s a heartbreaker. This is a show full of heartbreakers.”

Some fans worry that if Boden leaves, Harmann will also decide to leave. But thankfully, that’s all speculation, and Eigenberg’s comments don’t give us much to worry about as far as someone actually leaving the show goes.

Hopefully, things will smooth out between Hermann and Boden and nobody actually leaves. However, even though we only have one episode this year, that doesn’t mean we aren’t expecting big changes.

The next Chicago Fire episode will be the last of the year and like Chicago Med, will have a bit of a holiday twist. But don’t let the holiday twist fool you: the show is promising some major changes. And knowing how mid-season finales work, there’ll probably be a good cliffhanger to keep you thinking about the show during its absence. Oh, by the way, it’s the 200th episode. So it’s going to be BIG.

The show airs on Wednesday nights at 9/8 central after Chicago Med and before Chicago PD on NBC. While it’s always hard to say goodbye to your favorite shows for a while, the whole franchise will return in 2022.