‘Chicago Fire’: What Does Future Hold for Brett Now That Jesse Spencer’s Casey Is Gone?

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

Chicago Fire’s monumental 200th episode saw series staple Jesse Spencer leave the show. Though his character, Matt Casey, left for Oregon, he and Brett remain romantically involved. With her still in Chicago, what does her future hold with him being gone for so long?

Cinemablend examines the dynamic between the two characters and speculated what they think Brett’s future holds. Brettsey, as the pairing is called, is popular among the fandom, but Cinemablend seems to think with Brett’s new storyline involving paramedicine, the couple won’t last.

Matt Casey left for Oregon to take care of the Darden boys and we know he’ll be there for at least three years. Additionally, the only appearances he’ll make will be through things like calls. Though Jesse Spencer and showrunner Derek Haas don’t deny the character may come back, that won’t be for some time.

In a recent episode, Brett already felt the sting of Matt’s absence. Between looking at the drawers she saved for him or listening to his voicemail, you could see the pain on her face. The two breaking up could prove to add to her storyline and how she moves on after the two fell for one another. Casey moved on from Dawson previously, so she could do the same.

However, if this were to occur, it would have to be slow. Considering the buildup between Casey and Brett, it would downplay their relationship’s progress. Brett’s storyline could progress with her eventually getting a new interest in an upcoming season. What would be a really dramatic turn is if she moves on and then Casey comes back.

Though that would be a few years off, it would be interesting, nonetheless.

Kara Killmer Talks About the Cast Becoming a Family

Playing Sylvie Brett on Chicago Fire for seven years now, it’s safe to say she’s a series veteran. In a new interview, she opened up that as the years have gone on, the cast has become a family.

Talking to Hollywood Outbreak, she discussed crossovers, the show, and how the cast has become close-knit. “You think about your own family—quirky dysfunctional and crazy as it is. And you just project that onto exactly who we are,” she stated.

“And we’re very lucky that we’ve had a cast—obviously, there’s been some transition—but there’s something very special about this group of people that we’ve got to stick together for some time. Eamonn, who plays Chief Boden, always talks about what we have here is like catching lightning in a bottle. And he’s right.”

Killmer also spoke of the transition of Spencer leaving the show. With a familiar face possibly coming back, she talked about how the cast reacts when someone new comes on. “Every time a new person comes in, we’re always like ‘please, still be one of the family,’ and thankfully, where we’re at, we just have a really good group, and we’re very fortunate.”