‘Chicago Fire’: What Is Jason Pelham’s Backstory?

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Phillip Faraone/FilmMagic)

Fans and characters on Chicago Fire are getting suspicious about Jason Pelham. He has not had an easy time on his new team. In fact, there may be more to that than originally thought.

The episode, What Happened at Whiskey Point brought up these issues. Mouch and Herrmann are not confident the new guy is all he says he is. When they looked into his history, they noticed he had been to six different stations in just two years. That is not a great turnover rate. It has some fans wondering if Pelham is even going to stick around 51 for that long.

So, Mouch and Herrmann did some digging. The Chicago Fire stars were out to find information on Pelham. They spoke with Chief Boden about the six stations in two years issue and the Chief took it to heart. He decided to look into the matter privately after speaking with the concerned pair. While Pelham is a capable and brave firefighter, no one knows what to make of his past.

Boden confronted the newcomer and things got testy. Not only did he move around a lot, he also had a number of suspensions from various stations. For Boden, that needed an explanation. However, Pelham refused and stormed out without an explanation. Finally, it comes out that the cause for leaving the first station was for punching his commanding officer.

The Chicago Fire showrunner has already made it clear that Pelham will not be a permanent character. He is a bit of a wayward firefighter and his time at the 51 is not going to be the longest tenure. Despite that, fans are still learning to like the character, past flaws and all.

‘Chicago Fire’ Fall Breaks Incoming

Like most shows, Chicago Fire is about ready to enter a fall break or two. This time of year, programs take time off to finish up seasons, give other programs time slots, and give fans a suspenseful break from the shows. Fans are not going to be too happy with the upcoming schedule.

Coming up in 2022 is the Winter Olympics. That is going to cause issues for the show. Those pesky Olympics are going to make it hard for the show to get time on NBC. So, the fall finale will be here very soon. How soon exactly? December 8. So, there are just a few weeks until the midseason wrap-up.

As for the return of the show, that will happen on January 5. After the New Year, the tenth episode of the season will debut giving fans a much-needed fix of Chicago Fire ahead of the Olympics. There will only be one more new episode of the season aired before March of 2022. So, keep your eyes open for scheduling information.