‘Chicago Fire’: What You Can Expect When the Series Returns

by Shelby Scott

After a weeks-long wait, “Chicago Fire” returns to NBC tonight. And, just for you, we have all the details on what we can expect from the brand new episode.

As per Fansided, the new episode boasts the title, “Fire Cop,” and its synopsis throws us for quite a loop. According to the “Fire Cop” description:

Severide and Seager team up to investigate a fire at the home of a troubled young woman. Pelham moves into 51’s rumored cursed office. Kylie assists Kidd with Girls on Fire.”

As “Chicago Fire” fans know, investigator Wendy Seager has not been shy about sharing her very obvious feelings for Severide. And that’s despite that he’s clearly in love with Stella Kidd; just watch season 10 episode 12 for proof of that. That said, it’s sure to stir up drama at Firehouse 51 and we are here for it.

Meanwhile, Pelham’s getting a new start at 51, after nearly getting kicked out of the department entirely. Now, we get to see Pelham officially step into the role of Lieutenant in his new office. Although considering the superstitions our favorite first responders have navigated in the past, Pelham’s new should pose some humor.

And while Kidd teams up with Kylie to reignite Girls on Fire in Chicago, episode preview photos feature the return of another favorite character: Tuesday the firehouse mascot. As always, the spirited and friendly pup occupies her spot on the couch in between Mouch and Herrmann, the two “Chicago Fire” fan-favorite characters iconic for their bond with Tuesday.

Be sure to tune in tonight at 9 p.m. EST to catch the brand new episode of “Chicago Fire,” preceded by “Chicago Med” and capped with “Chicago PD.”

Brett and Violet Hit the Ground Running in “Chicago Fire” Return

No rest for the weary, am I right?

Always quick to respond to the worst emergencies, Brett and Violet have encountered some of the worst and weirdest “Chicago Fire” has to offer. And this week, following its month-long hiatus, Violet’s actress, Hanako Greensmith, hinted her character and Brett play a huge part in Severide and Seager’s arson investigation.

In speaking with TV Insider, the “Chicago Fire” actress shared, “You’re going to see Violet and Brett take on a bit of a more emotional responsibility toward a younger victim and seek salvation for her in some way.”

We’ve seen many of our favorite characters do this before, however, for Violet, as one of the youngest members at Firehouse 51 will then likely face one of her most serious rescues yet.

Greensmith further shared we can expect even more intense rescues from Brett and Violet this season.

“Brett and Violet go through some relatively unpleasant calls in more ways than one, as per usual,” the “Chicago Fire” star added. “And you’re going to see them bond over some of those difficulties and obstacles they have to go through.”

That said, just like all coworkers, Greensmith shared we can expect some conflict soon between the two paramedics.

During the interview, she revealed, “you’re going to see them, for the first time, have a little bit of conflict, which I think is really important to the growth of their characters and their relationship together.”